Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arysha :D

Hai everyone .. Again ;) haha .. I wanna thanks Arysha for making my blog have a song.. Thanks so much Arysha ! <3 

Since we're talking abt Arysha.. She's a 13 year old (next year ) She was in the same school as me ! She's in the class next to me.. Still , whenever there's time ,I'll sneak out of class and go to hers , where there is Kimmy , Kitty Kat and Annalynne are placed too. I love their class so much cooler and also more awesome than my class... She's going to Afzan next year :'(  Too bad ...

I guess that's all .. I love you arysha ! <3

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rozreena Rosman .

Hey .. Rozreena Rosman is well a close friend of mine .. Quit like Best friends .. I meet Reen this year at tution .. Let's just say , we think a like she likes JB , I like JB .. She likes Cody Simpson , I like Cody Simpson . Believe me .. I love her.. She's like so awesome ..

She's the kind of person who I can tell anything without being uncomfortable , awkward or just plain weird .

That's all about her . Reen , I love you !

Friday, December 24, 2010

I don't know..

I am Anna Tasha !! (Y) haha.. Just bored.. I'm very very very very bored ~! Everyday I keep doing the same fucking thing ! If not , I"ll be shopping ! That's all that I do.. Nothing else ! Haiz.. 

Today I cleaned the bathroom , My leg , it nw has a big scar ! Thanks to the stupid fcking floor .. Haiz . never I will ever clean the toilet already.. 

I think that's all.. Bye ! <3

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The second !

Oh ! I'm back , food was awesome ! haha , okay okay .. As I was saying from the last post .. That girl . She's  very sensitive , she was born on 02.13.1998 3 months before me.. Sometimes , she even forget her own birth date and I'll remember it for her .. Let's just say that we are really really really close .. 

I know this post is really short ! so ?! bye ! nite ! <3

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Gosh. where to start?! I haven't update my blog like 2 weeks?!  Ngee~ sorry reader! =)   okay.. If you guys are wondering yeah, me and kitty are in a happy condition.. No more fights.. Emm , a lot of my friends are on blogspot and tumblr now.. So its kinda easy too  know what's going on in their life.. Oh , saturday I'm  going to the movies with allet and alysha! Yay! Well first , I thought me , arysha , annalynne , allet , enessa , kimmy n alysha could go together , everything was planned perfectly.. Then arysha's boyfriend wanted to tag along.. 
 I said no! then he said if arysha's going I am.. then finally I decided to go with allet n alysha .. That way no more afiq ! =D hehe..Oh , and afiq if you're reading this I'm sorry =/ Hehe.. I think that's all ... Goodnight readers.. AGAIN I'm fcking sorry!! <3 you all!