Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hatiku berdebar saat ku bersama mu ♥

Morning , Hello and Assalamualaikum :)
Woke up at 7 , and slept back -,- I'm very sure after posting thins I'm gonna go to sleep again and end up having breakfast+lunch :D Tee hee :))

Your are 1# in my heart and you will forever stay there <3

Pagi pagi dah jiwang -,- benda laaa , waiting for a good morning text ;) 

Listing to Get it right by Glee , that song makes me feel awesome <3


Kbyeee ah , wanna go sleeeeeeeepppp , nighty night :D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

He's finally mine :)

On 20th June till 24th June I was single , then 24th June I was Syazwan's <3

Teee heee , dapat gak kita couple dengan diaaa.. Happy nya :D

Sorry gambar senget sikit , after I said sorry that day , he texted me that , but he tak call pun hari nii , sbb dia tertinggal phone kat rumah -,-

K , I really don't know what to write xD Kbyeee

Friday, June 24, 2011

Guess what ?

Hello , Hai , Chack and Assalamualaikum :)

So , guess what ? I broke up with Badrul . Cause of syai. Just , I don't know , we broke up -,- I send a letter to him through Syamim and on 20th of June , I'm single.

Buuuuuuuuttttt , waaaaaaiiiiittt for the next post , cause it's gonna blow your minds <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I miss you Budak :*

Mohammad Syazwan Bin Ridzwan , I miss you Budak <3
Like 2 week we haven't talked at all eh ? Padahal dulu , sehari tak cakap dengan dia rasa mcm nak mati. Susah weyh hidup tak ada dia , sebab dia yang selalu call , dia yang selalu text Good Morning , dia yang selalu teman saya malam malam , dia yang sentiasa ada , bila saya perlukan. 

Here's some of our conversation eh :)

At the end of every phone call
Him : Iloveyou
Me : Iloveyoutoo
Him : Iloveyouthree
Me : Iloveyoufour :D

Me : Saya tak reti bawak basikal laa
Him : Laaa , meh saya ajar :D
Me : Taknak ah , nnt jatuh.
Him : Kan saya ada , sya tkkan biarkan awak jatuh , and klau awak jatuh pun , saya akan rawatkan :)

Haha , tu je yang ingat xD
Can't believe from a simple Hai , turned into an ALMOST relationship and ended with a fight and we never talked ever again.
The last time I talked to him when he was in Bukit Ranging for a family day , I talked to his brother on that day too , and his kacip Hardzick. 

Me : Hello ?
Syafiq : Haaai , nama awak siapa ?
Me : Maisarah Bt. Mahmud xD
Syafiq : Umur awak berapa ?
Me : 13.
Syafiq : OOOOHHH 13 , mudddaaa laaaggiii adik ipar aku niii 

HAHAHA xD Syafiq is Syazwan's brother.

We don't say okay , we say okeng all cause it was fun to say.He once called me and I heard his friend shout MAISARAH MAHMUD xD. The first time he ever said Iloveyou to me on the phone was so awkward but so sweet :* He calls me His Makcik Comel Kesayangku , cause I called him my budak. He was so sweet , I fucking miss him. I wanna hear his voice again , I wanna chat with him again.

On the second week on the school holidays , he ada ajak keluar tau , Mama pun da bagi , and I was so excited nak jumpa dia , then kita gaduh , habis , hancur semua T.T  I totally menyesal what I've done wrong , I miss him so much.

Syazwan , if your reading this , just wanna say that I miss you like crazy. 

I'll sit and watch the whole world go against me :)

Oreo ~ Eating orea now :D  I was eating Ice Cream , till my cat finished it -,-

Soooo , Malam semalam gaduh lagi dengan Badrul Amirul , entah ah , rsa mcm dia tk sayang da sya , tp dia kata dia sayang. ENTAH.

Now , Im just gonna sit and watch as the whole world go against me :)

Singing and eating makes me feel better :) Talked on the phone with Geraldine just now , Thank You for being there when I was crying :)

Byeeee , I have something else to do now xD

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm not perfect.

How many times will it take for me to get it right ?

Hey Badrul , is my good not good enough for you ? I guess it isn't.

Kay that song , that post down there , I sing it cause I know , I'm not perfect , I'm not beautiful . I'm not syaira diyana.

I really not in the mood. Kbye.

Get It Right (Glee) - Finn/Rachel

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm beautiful in a way :D

The first pic is like CHACK :D HAHAAHAH xDDD
Eh , Nabila , saya letak gambar yang last tuh untuk awak :)

Singing to PilihanKu by Caprice. I'm sad actually right now. Like , perlu ke korang tulis kat wall Badwul , SYAI SYAI SYAI. Tak perlu pun. 

Hey Badwul , I know you like Syai , just admit. I won't kill you if you do.

Kfine , Im fucking jealous. Dude , who wouldn't be ? 

Biar laaa , maleh saya layan , buat serabut kepala hotak je. 

Sooooooooooooooooooooo , I have oral but for Bahasa Melayu this Monday I think. I'm doing about Pencemaran Air. Aaa , mesti nervous gila , buat maluuu jee..

Bosan weeeyyyhhh , Kbye.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A day with Shamin Abdul Razak :'D

I just remembered about the day with Shamin pictures xD
HAHAHA , wait , I upload them :D

We finish Shamin's folio :D and ended up going to ECM -,- Damn , I love her. I don't know what would I do without her. Thanks for that awesome day hun <3
and we randomly met Reen when we were waiting for Shamin's dad. HAHA , that explains the picture of me with reen ;D

Tomorrow's school :( After a 2 week holiday. The good part is I finished my folio but I haven't print it. So , as Kimmy said : Tak siap lagi la tu.
Tomorrow I'll print it and send it on Tuesday. 

The good part of school is I can get to see Mia , Nabila , Ana , Kelly , NBS , Elissa , Reen , Puteri and all of my friends :D Yay , tak sabar nya :)

I'm in the faking smile mood. HAHA , soooo , Byyyyyeeeeee :D

Sayang sayang , ku tertawan dengan matamu ♥

Hai , Hello , Assalamualaikum :D
Bosan , sangat sangat bosan. 
AWWHHH , lagu tuuu , so much memorise..Damn , can't write here. Orang baca mati aku :p

Rindu ah kat dia :'| Biar laaa , nk buat cmne an ? 

Oh sayang sayang , ku tertawan dengan matamu ,
Hati ini berdebar debar oh selalu 
Senyuman mu , yang mencuit jiwaku..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa , tengok , da tkde mood. Kbye.
Sayang sayang ku tertawan dengan matamu
hati ini berdebar debar oh selalu
senyumanmu yang mencuit jiwaku..yea..

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello :D 
The first pic an , kasut isabelle xD From vans , not the red one la , the other one.
The second pic , I just really like her dress that's all.

Well , shamin is my house :D Yay , we aren't even doing any work , kita kacau orang kat facebook  je :D HAHAHA

I promise petang karang I upload pictures , or either she does , well you guys know her blog kan ? yeaah :D

Well , you guys da breakfast ? Me dah :D 

Chating dengan nazar kat Facebook , tunggu Badwul online :(

Nak gi camwhoring jap dengan shamin , byeeeee :D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello :)
I'm chating with Shamin on Facebook now. Just 2 random girls gossiping ;) Well , Badwul is out , now is kind of the time he'll meet his buddies and ya' know play games , IGUESS xD

Guess what ? Shamin is planing to come to my house tomorrow cause we are going to do her folio together *AWWHH baik nya I , nak tolong dia :)*  Haha , maybe she's coming , and if she does I promise a new background ;) 

Badwul Amiwul I heart you hun :*

Haha xD That was random , that's all . Kbye :)

The best part of being sick is he comforting me ♥

Pandai pandai korang la baca ya ;)

See , it's awesome being sick , cause I know that He'll comfort me  ♥  

Tee heeee :D   So , how's everyone doing ? Fine ? I hope so , I'm feeling awesome , but hungry. Haven't had my breakfast yet eventhough it's already lunch.. I'm chating with Badwul at Facebook , don't have the single mood to do my freakin folio.

 _|_ you history folio. I already know about my damn family ! Gosh. Today have to go print it , so , pretty much forced to do it. Thanks Syameel :D Sebab bagi link tuh ;) 

So ? Okayh , nothing to write -,- HAHAHA , bye , IheartyouBadwul <3 *tk sabit :P

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lalalala ~

Eh , you guys remember syazwan ? Yeah , him .. He deleted me on Facebook and called me a BOHSIA -,-

So , the story went like this : That evening around 6 , he called me and we talked like normal la.. Then at the end of the conversation he said ILOVEYOU and I didn't say it back , I just hang up the phone. That night , on Facebook , he suddenly chat with me and said : Saya tahu awak tak suka saya. 
Then he deleted me -,- Like whatthehell is going on in his freakin brain. But , out of all , he did me justice by deleting me , I got some peace with Badwul :3

Enough of that bustard , let's talk about the 2 weeks holiday..

It's damn boring -,- All I fun that I had was on 1/6 and 2/6

Well , I was sick for the last 2 days , Badwul comfort me and made me alot better <3

Badwul started to call me Baby :D I call him Hunny <3

Tee hee , bosan nya lah.. Kbye , Iloveyouguys :*

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me :D And Puteri Nellisa <3 Iloveyoubabe :)

So so so , got an Ice Cream Cake for Baskin Robins , I didn't get a present though , cause I wanted a BB , and you guys can imagine how my dad reacted xD

My wish came true :D While I was blowing those 13 candles , I wished truely in my heart , so that Badwul could become himself again.. And the wish came true <3 Thanks so much Allah , Iheartyou <3
Badwul gave me chocolates for my birthday :D Thank You baby , they were awesome , I tk sampai hati pun nak makan sebernanya , tapi still , I makan :D Now tinggal 2 jeh lagi cause I ate 4 xD 

Badwul Amiwul Iheartyou so much that I would die for you hunny <3

I had a blast on 1/6 , ya' know , date dengan badrul , mna tk best nya :D Hahahahahaha xD  But he malu laa , like normal , kind of crushed my hopes , but tkpe , I was happy just to see him <3

Guess that's all. Kbye :D