Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hyper !

I love him and I know he loves me too :) 

Heeee :) Last night I became hyper with Ana Noh , Nur Nabila and Kimmy . I keep giving links of random people to them and we laugh like shit . HAHA XD  I was hyper maybe cause I ate too much Milo -,- Don't judge me until you taste it yourself cause it's awesome. Ana I know you like PAS . HAHA XD JK JK don't get angry and of course I know that Nabila likes Mazli XD JK JK ! 

Waiting .. I;m waiting for to finish having his lunch -,-  Lama nyaaa .. Until his friend also ask where is he ? Chatting with my new 'abang angkat' . He keep asking me too meet him and I keep rejecting -,-

OH , is back , so Goodbye :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chack ! Aww ~ Look at that picture <3 So sweet eh eh eh ? Heeeee :)

Love <3 I'm here today to tell you guys about my wonderful day <3 It was a little crazy doe . What can I do eh ? When it come to friends everything goes crazy :) We started off with 'senamerobik' or easy exercise . Everybody was forced to do it so , too bad :)  The boys went crazy , BERSEMANGAT GILER ! Haha , me , Mia and Alice didn't really do anything , we just ran around holding    Nikon camera's taking pictures!
That's me , Mia took the picture :) Thanks Mia . Please ignore the retard at the back . Kaay ? K. After the senamerobik , we took our bags and head off to do the activities :) There were 32 and I only did 16 the same as Alice . At first me , Nabila , Kimmy , Mia , NBS and Fatehah all walked together , the we separated cause there were to many activities , me and Alice were together :)

It all ended with relaxing to the voice of singers of SMART TALENT SHOW. It was an awesome day with my awesome friends <3 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Who cares baby , I think I wanna marry you

I ♥ you

Falling for you was a fantasy come true :) I heart you Mr.Blue .

Chack ! How are my fine readers doing today ? Fine I hope . Me ? I'm down with a fever . I'm not that sad cause is here to c
omfort me <3 Ya' know broke his neck ! But he doesn't mind , cause I was there when he was sick and he was there when I was sick . 

I didn't go to school today . I got my HPV injection yesterday and I cried with Mia :) It hurt alot . When I was crying all my friends were like call Maisarah's crying ! Haha , aren't they the best ? Yeah .

On the very same day , I went to a dentist . Guess what ? I'm getting braces ! :D Can't damn wait till next Friday ! :)

Eh , I gtg ! needs me . Bye <3

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr.Blue . Iloveyou

Chack ! Again -,-  Welcome back tooo my not so awesome blog ! ;) Well let's see . I went to Pekan to send my brother back to his 'asrama' . Heee :)

Hmm , I texted Mr.Blue .Okay , I'm sure you people are like WHO THE HELL IS MR.BLUE ?! Mr.Blue is well my boyfriend <3 I call him that cause the first time I met him , he was wearing a blue T-shirt. Guess what ? Today he got jealous for the first time :D I really shouldn't put a smiley eh ? x) Cause , afiq keep writing HIS name at my post on Facebook and he asked who is HE then I explain the he got jealous then I was happy :) Long story short . He's a totally sweetheart <3 Read the following conversation :)

Me : Awak , online eh kul 8 karang :)
Mr.Blue : Tak boleh kut , sebab saya nak potong rambut ... Esok je laa . 
             Kenapa ? Ada ape-ape important ke ?
Me : Tak laaa , sya pun tak tahu kenapa sya srh awak online -,-
Mr.Blue : Sya thu ! Sebab awak rindu saya kan ?
Me : Ha'ah , ye la tu kut ;)

The other's are just to private -,- Heeeeeee :) He's awesome . And I just love his awesomeness <3


CHACK ! :) and a very good morning too . *texting Oh ! Sorry ;) Too busy texting .I spend like what ? rm15 of topup on him ? Yeah .. I loveyou <3 I replied late and now he's no replying . SO SAD . Oh wait ! He replied ==' He said he was sleeping -,- Okay then . Just took my morning bath . I'm still in my towel and updating my blog -,- WHAT !? 

Guess what ? Remember puteri mairina nellisa ? Yesh , that beautiful hot chick ... WHAT ? Don't remember ? COme , I give you a flashback

Yesh , that babe over there .Guess what ? Me and her have the same birthday date -,- How awesome eh ? :) Plus , her name has a little of MAI in mairina :) So it's like , we the same ? Yeah <3

I guess that's all ? Wanna go take my breakfast . Bye !

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm back to my regular self !

Chack ! That means Hello in my language , so CHACK ! Haha :) After that Effing Luq . I got over him . A found myself a new guy <3 . So , I'm sorry .. I'm taken ;) Isn't that just wonderful ? Yesh it is ! Well nobody knows the name of that boy , YET . I'm just gonna keep it a secret for awhile . Kaaay ? Thank you . I guess , my awesome readers wanna know what happen on the day that I went out with Shamin and the geng eh ? Bad Luck . I'm too lazy to write . So , go to  to know kaaay ? That's shamin's blog . She wrote everything about that day . Sorry doe , I haven't updated for quite a long time eh ? Sorrrrryyyyy <3 I was too lazy to type shit . So , I guess that's all . Oh ! And pictures of that day ? Scroll down to seee :) 

Some pictures were blur doe . The first one is me and feefoo chan in the karaoke room . Second is me and avery playing zombie killer at the arcade , next is me , amina lam and king ezzy singing only girl in the karaoke room and last but not least , was me and Mia eating pizza <3 

I just love them . Don't you ? Yesh , I sure you do :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm really not in the mood.

Hello . Had an awesome day . Met friends and such . I'll talk about it later . Just not in the mood ya' know . Wanna know why ? Kaaay , remember RAWR ? Yesh also know as Luq . That guy that made me feel special to be me ? The one I met at the toilet for the first time . That I love so much ? Guess what ? He's in a relationship . I don't know with who . But , in a relationship . I saw it at facebook just now . Really really heart broken . Cried . Damn . Bye .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm just excited .

Oh , Hello there :) I'm sorry , I didn't update yesterday , I was at Terengganu with my family having our vacation . I am very very very tired , tomorrow I'm going out with shamin and annalynne , then Thursday I'm going to KL , like WHAAAT ?!!! I'm very super duper tired. It's okay , I'm happy this way :)

Aww ~ Haha , can't wait till tomorrow at 1 , gonna meet my two awesome friends <3  Ya'know , mia and the geng will be going too , I don't know who'll be going with her , since she said that only some said they're going .

So .. umm .. I don't know what to wear.. So? I guess that's all good bye <3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boys. The lesson I learned.

Well Hello there again :) Ya' know , I'm girl . I cry so hard that I can finish tons of boxers of tissues. I'll wait up all night just cause you said you were gonna call me later . I want to be kissed in the rain . I want to have my first kiss near a sunset. I'm just another normal girl . Who want's what any girl wants TRUE LOVE . Yesh , true love . That feeling when you wake up and see a text saying , Good Morning beautiful . I don't want you too call me cute or hot . Beautiful is enough for me . When I run crying , go after me . I want you to love me . For me. Not for anything else . Tonight RAWR made me realize , that love is just another game we play every single day . Yesh , I do get jealous when I see a cute couple . But who doesn't want someone to talk too at night , someone you know you can rely on if your down , someone who'll care for you .. Everybody needs a soul mate eh ? For me ? I haven't found mine . All the boys that I like , believe me , won't like me back . No matter how much I believe it's gonna happen , it never does. I wanna believe in someone. That will believe me back . All I wanna do is BELIEVE IN LOVE . So , I'm gonna give up love for awhile until I find that right person for me . Good night readers , I'll talk to you tommorow.

Good Bye everyone.

Hello :) Anna Tasha here. I'm playing facebook and all that shit , walling with Shamin , Chatting with Kimmy and 2 random dudes.. 

I'm saying Goodbye. I'm gonna move to KL soon . Cause Papa got a job there. Goodbye Friends , I'm gonna miss you. Iloveyouguys <3  Everyone got angry , I'm not moving by choice okaay , I never wanted to move. 

I promise , I'm gonna hug each one of you , with all my heart . Iloveyou. Meeting Shamin and Annalynne for the last time this Thursday. 

Goodbye <3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say Hello and Make my day

Good Morning ! My first day for the school holidays , no friends , just my family and ALOT of HOMEWORK. Like seriously ? Teacher gave us homework for 1 whole month and expect us to finish it in a week . I know , homework is good. Too much just makes me sick.

Oh HIM , I wish you were here <3 Since it's been raining here for a few days , I'm sick. Damn ! I get sick really easily :) Miss Medicine , please help me. I'm going on a trip this Monday and Tuesday . I just hope , I'm gonna have fun and get all the stress out of my head. We've got another problem . Okay like this , listen closely kaaay ? Mia asked me to go outing with here and the whole geng while Shamin and I have been planing our outing like 2 weeks ago. I wanna go with both of them , oh yesh I do , but Mama only let's me go 1 time every time is the school holiday . So , last night , Annalynne confirm that she can go , while Shamin can't ! Like WHAAAAT ?! Shamin Mom is evil I tell you EVIL. So , if Shamin isn't going , I guess I won't too . Guess I'll be going with Mia .. I'm sorry Shamin , ILOVEYOU . 

Incase you guys were wondering , that's shamin. ILOVEHER SO DAMN MUCH !

Friday, March 11, 2011

I just came to say hello :)

Hello :) Yesh . OHMAIGOD. Such an awesome week :) Wanna here about it ? It you do , stay , if you don't wanna fuck off.

On Monday and Tuesday nothing much happen ... On Wednesday , It was raining heavily verry verry heavy ! Like normal , we wanted to go to restaurant Bulan . But , it was raining and so , we thought never mind laaa , then mia , fatehah and Natasha BS came . Saying they don't care . They still wanna go.. SO me , Nabila , Aishah , Kimmy and them went . Reen was saying don't go , she was scared that I'll get a fever .. Heee :) But I did go . I'm sorry ROZREENA ROSMAN <3 At bulan , there was Raz , Faeez , Afiq , HIM and such people laaa , like normal . Then HIM was going back to school ady , HE asked me , am I going back to class ? I said no . Then NBS asked me , awak couple ke dengan HIM , I was laughing and I said yes , I joked. NBS asked HIM , OUT LOUD ! He said NO ! And laugh and hit me wit an umbrella , like WHAT ?! All that shit happend on wednesday . 

On to Thursday ! Went to Old town Kopitiam with my two besties , patricia and alysha . I came down late , then guess what ? My secret admirer finally showed up ! HAHA XD His face hancur !!!!  I asked him , mna sya punya ice cream ? He said he had no money and I was like WHAAAAT ?! Then I leave and went to old town . On the way , saw Aiman Hakim , Amar and Kamiel , waved to kamiel and leave. At Old town we talked and all that , went to SABS that the end of the day , and went back to my school . When I was there , NBS merajuk ! I terkejut giler :| And also on that day , I went to Music class , HE was sitting at the back off me , we were all on the floor , so I leaned thinking Kimmy was at the back of me . My hand was on someone's hand , so I'm like , whatever , guess what ? I turned back , and it was HIS hand . I freaked out ==' It was the second time. DAMN !

I made that myself , It is on my Facebook :) Friday was not so awesome . Ana and Nabila was absent , so sad . Then , me and kimmy was inside the class all alone. . Syamim , so sombong . Oh please laaa , Then ? I guess that's all , goodbye <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good to know :)

Hello Yellow Mello , Good morning too .. How are you readers today ? Fine I hope. I'm good . Missing my friends and HIM . 

It's good to know , kitty is doing fine without me . Goodluck kitty :)

Yesterday night , I told RARW that I like him . His respon was Thank You . I'm like WTF ?! HE'S THE FIRST GUY EVER THAT I SAID I LIKE , AND HE'S RESPON WAS THANK YOU . WHATTHEFUG ?

Had breakfast with my mom today at MCD , Pancakes <3 Heeee :) Today's a Sunday , tomorrow is a school daaay , DAMN ! Still , can't wait to see Reen , NBS , Alice , Maya , Kimmy , Puteri , Zetty , Mia and the whole geng. Can't wait to hug them :D OH ! And Nabila , Ana and HIM :) I guess that's all , I'll update when I have something to talk about . Good bye :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Examination Week :)

Oh Hello :) I'm here , another idiot posting her inner most feelings :)  It was examination week at my school .. DAMN ! 

Monday !
Let's seee ...  There was the history paper and Bahasa Malaysia . This was also the day me and 'HIM' started to hit each other as a game ==' I know ! Very childish . HAHA !  Iloveyou <3 

Tuesday !
Nothing happen . Like 30 minutes before the last paper , teacher asked us to study , me , nabila and ana gossip and played , like 3 idiots ! HAHA XD It was me , alysha and patricia in Assunta and now them in SMART .. 

Wednesday !
Wear my pandu puteri uniform , This was the day I had a crush on HIM ! I told Nabila and all she did was laugh . I'm like NABILA !! I know la , me and HIM are like best friends , SO WHAT ? Then Ana was dying to know , so we told her , she swear that she won't tell anyone . Then late that afternoon , Nabila text HIM , Nabila asked does he like me ? He said no .. I was sad :(

Thursday !
It was a TOTALLY sad day :'( Nabila told me about what did HE say . I was sad , then Nabila also told HIM that I had a huge crush on HIM .. DAMN ! Memalukaaan .... Then I really didn't want to say hye to HIM , guess what ? We didn't say a single word to each other , THE WHOLE DAMN DAY . It was a very sad day .

Friday !
Sob Sob , he still didn't say hai , Everytime Nabila and Ana call HIM and I'm there , HE'll just won't come . First , I thought he hated me , then Ana and Nabila said that I was sulking and he blushed and smiled .. Aww ~ He's such a sweetheart <3 Then , he paid the class money and he was standing at the back of me , I really didn't notice , I turned and he was there , I blush ==' What an idiot . Then I was gonna give him his change , suddenly I touched his hand ==' ! WHAT THE FUG ?! Then we talked again :) 

That was what happen thru the week , AWESOME week eh ? Yeah :)