Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heee :)

Hello :) Welcome back to my lame blog . Woke up and like normal , bath , made my bed and such .. Today is Assunta's Sport Day . Mama is the AJK so , she went , while I stayed at home and studied . After like 2 hours , I played Facebook . How awesome am I eh ? HAHA .. 

Oh yeah , SOWWY ;) I deleted all those old post of me and kitty . I'm trying to get over kitty . I just realized that most of my post was about kitty -,-

Chat with Alice Ssa at facebook just now . Talked about , well private things .. Huhu . Syamim said he was Sorry -,- Just cause I wrote that I didn't like him . Like WHAT ? HAHA XD He's weird then he asked me for my number . 

Oh ! Mom's calling , lunch is here . Good bye readers <3

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm another crazy dancer !

Hello readers <3 Good Evening . Laying in the living room all alone is what I'm doing . I'm very hungry . Hoping for food. I'm such a loser ! HAHA .. 

Well , I've got 2 new crushes . One from Alor Akar and the other from MRSM . Thank Enessa for that MRSM dude , he's really cute <3

Stupid Laptop . Can't post pictures =/  Just finished studying for my exam . I really hope I can get 8As ! Please =3 Then there's friday . I burn all of my love letters from Assunta </3 I kept the most memorable ones only . I kept what does kitty like about me , then there's random facts about kitty and that poem from my birthday <3 Nabila , thanks for helping me . I hope , I'll try to forget . But I believe that I can't . 

Friday, February 25, 2011

An awesome week :D

Hello readers <3 Welcome again to another post :)  

This week was awesome . Played around like idiot at school , I didn't study for my exam yet , SO WHAT ?! HAHA XD Then today ? Me and Ana tickle Nabila like crazy , until she started to cry a little bit :) Then we stop and laugh like crazy idiots. Nik Mohd Syameel ? This name makes me laugh . The person makes me laugh even more . Like , people keep saying I like him , WHY THE HELL SHOULD I LIKE HIM ?! He's Mia's okay . Then there's Ahmad syamim . A dude , who stalks me . He's not cute . I don't like him. 

Afiq , Mia and NBS can't stop doing what Usop from Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah does . HAHA XD Ce cite Ce cite ! I saw it just now and I laugh my ass off ! 

Wednesday Me and the whole geng went to Bulan to have lunch and then went to 7 Eleven to buy a slurpee :) Then went crazy with taking pictures and making dumb reactions to boys , HAHA XD ! 

These are my favorites . I and my friends look like retards like ? Well we are . And I'm proud of us :')  

Ilovemyfriends as much as Iloveluq.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aww ~

Isn't those two birds cute ? I want them .. It's hard to get awesome things in Kuantan :'(

I don't really know what to say since , nothing happens on a Sunday .. SO BYE <3

Your my heart , your my soul , your the reason why I wake up everyday .. I love you L , I do <3

I'm a bad girl :)

Good morning everyone :) Eh , I mean good afternoon ;) Woke up at 1 o'clock today ..  Woke up with the worst hair ever , still I'm loving it . Went down stairs and shouted , MOM I'M AWAKE !! And like normal mom will ask me to eat <3 I ate 'Nasi Minyak' for breakfast .. :D Then had a 15 minutes bath and made my bed ..  Now I'm watching TV and playing facebook , FS and well blogging :) 

Opened my FS just now , answered most of the question .. Then there was 1 question , saying I was a copy cat because I made a FS too , like , HELLO ?! Is the FS yours ?! Mother fckers . They just can't leave me alone eh ? Wanna know the whole question , read my facebook page..Fuck Off !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello random people who reads this awesome blog written by an awesome girl :) Please , somebody , make my day ..  

 Rainbows <3
 Ulala ~
 Awww ~
 I believe in you . Can you believe me too ?

Mahal Kita eh <3

Friday, February 18, 2011

I want you to treat me like this <3

I'm such a lame bitch

Look at all those beautiful dresses .. *jealous .. I wish I had them . I like have dresses , but I want those ! Their like .. Awww ~  enough of dresses .

Tomorrows satursay :) But I have school .. SO FUCK UP ! Teachers , WHY ?! Like Seriously WHY ?! Atleast we aren't gonna study , but still , a 'ceramah' ! DAMN IT .. Oh I have learn to upload pics . I know right ? Im a lame bitch ..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Come to your senses your a fcking bitch .

Assalamualaikum ya smua :) Ceh gila baik ! HAHA , okay okay ...

You think I nak sengaja ke beli roller sama dengan a bitch macam you ??!! I tak ada niat langsung nak copy you okaay , like , EWW ! Mama yang paksa suruh beli , dia kata , mesti dia tak kisah klau awak beli yang sama .. Memang , I mengaku ADA YANG TU JE TINGGAL , you think I suka sangat ke kat you ?! Perangai you macam babi je , you nak kutuk I lak kat blog you ?! I bet , if I dared you to be polite to me for one day , I guess you'll die , you can't even say nice things to me . PLUS , I memang mengaku I suka budak tu DULU , like , now ? You can have him ! Entah- entah budak tu tak suka you , you yang syok sendiri . You , atleasr I tahu yang ada segolongan budak suka I okay . Macam you ? I dah tanye smua orang , TAK ADA ORANG YANG SUKA PERANGAI YOU YANG BABI TU !  You kata I mengada , ego and all that kaan ? da you tu ingat perfect sangat ke ?! HELLO ! NOT , I tak pernah mengaku pun I cantik , Atleast I tak follow my own blog , tak like my own status and all that shit . Nampak sangat you tu loser gila nak mampos ! I dah baca la , ape you tulis masa message dengan hyun tu , I ni yang teruk you cakap ? You kutuk I macam gila . Yes , I benci gila kat you . Since like darjah 1 ? The first look and I tahu you tu bitch . You , klau you tak ikhlas nak compliment I you tak payah nak susah-susah . I TAK NAK PUN KALAU YOU TAK IKHLAS . Selama ni , kan tak banyak I comment , sebab ? I tak ikhlas , yang betul betul cantek je I cakap . Tu baru ikhlas. You nak jadi haters I ke ? Macam amina hate I ? DIPERSILAKAN DENGAN SEGALA HORMAT NYA !  Tengok , bila you tak ada kawan , you dah bosan , you cari la I . KAN ?!  Memang , I gedik , perasan , mengada , perangai I x sopan sangat , but , atleast , I TAK HYPOCRITE tak macam you . Depan laki tu , malu la , ni la tu la , depan cikgu 'baik gila' . Yes I selalu tak bawak buku MATH .. SO WHAT ?! You kena marah ke ?! YOu kena berdiri ke ?! I kan , so jangan nak menyibuk . You kata I tak ada taste ? Like seriously ?! Siapa yang kata my fedora lawa ? My baju lawa ? sape ? YOU KAN , so jangan nk mengada okay . Yes I mengaku I was an ex *** but , you don't have the right to judge me , cause you also Ex okay . Macam kawan you kata ? you yang desprate teramat sangat pasal belle tu okay , SO FUCK OFF YOU BITCH .

I think , Im not done . I'll continue on later kaay ? Nighty night .. Trimas ya baca blog ni . :)

Fuck you :@

Why do people hate me ? Why do people stalk me ? Why why why ?  I'm just another normal drama queen trying to survive in this world .. I don't hate you , so why must you hate me ? I don't tell mama about what you do , so why must you tell her about what I do ? Mama , you can't believe her , she's just another bitch who hates me ! Oh , chill kaay people ? I'm talking about my older sistah , such a bitch . WHAT TO DO EH ?  

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello Mr. Fever

Hello readers <3

Damn ! Anna Tasha is now in a relationship with Mr Fever ! And guess what ? I hate him ! This time it's different .. No more , kitty ! Owner demam ! No more  kitty saying klau awak sayang sya , awak mkn ubat ! NO MORE , gotta say .. I miss it .. DAMN , I hate being single !

Today I didn't go to school <3 Heeee :) All I do at home is watch tv , and play facebook , Oh crap I didn't eat my medicine yet ! Bye bye readers , I wanna go break with MR fever soon !

Sunday, February 6, 2011

We're twins :)

As you can see there's to idiot at the background . One singing and One dancing . HAHA ! That's me and Reen .. Reen's dancing , while Im singing ! HAHA ! That was our situation at the karaoke room yesterday .. We were singing Hush Hush by the pussy cat dolls .. And Btw , that song is sooo for kitty ! Like Bye kitty Im soo over you ! yesh !

Rozreena Rosman .. A girl that I love and I will forever remember as my twin <3

Oh damn !

Hello fellow bloggers and random people who read my bloggy .. Heee :) Anna Tasha here , writing her inner most feelings ..  

Like , yesterday , me , arysha , enessa , reen (my twinnie) , natasha , fatehah , mayamin and tuan nureen went out to the town , it was a rocking day , me and reen sang our hearts out at the karaoke room , like AWESOME ! We were dancing and standing on chairs , like WHOA . Then we went for pizza <3

OH OH OH !  I meet my crush , LUQMAN HAKIM , yeah , we were texting like we were really hoping to see each other ( tak caya sudah , I save kaay the text) Me and the geng went to the toilet like , me ? Fixing hair .. The I was on the way out , until Arysha shouted : OMG . THAT'S HIM !  I was like WHAT ?! I wave then just BLUSH and looked down .. I think he waved too , oh , he did ! I remembered . DAMN , cute gila kut !  Arysha was like pushing me to look at him .. Like NO !  

Oh yeah , inside the toilet there was Luq's SISTER she gave me the STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER LOOK , Damn I was scared ! 

Then Luq ajak go see Khurafat , I said tak nak , then he said tak best la macam itu , then I said eleh , kakak awak pun tak suke sya .then he said , tak la , kakak sya cakap awak comel :) then bla bla bla

The end 
Bye <3

Thursday, February 3, 2011

You want him . You can have him .

I'm sooo over him , like I know dulu you cakap Eh , kepala besar la , suare garau la , now ? Siapa yang couple dengan siapa ?! Oh whatever you mother fcker oh a major LOSER !

Oh , I've got a new crush <3  His name ? Maybe later when we're official .. Heee :) Damn he's cute ! Plus HE'S THE FIRST GUY EVER THAT SAY SWEET THINGS TO ME. He cares <3 I like a guy who cares about me . Oh , thank you so much Arysha , you made me happy , thank you for telling him I have a crush on him , Thank you thank you thank you !! And the good news is he like me too.. So like Im kinda hoping me and he will be one <3 well you get what I mean ;)  Saturday Im going out with my geng , and he's going out with his , soooo , maybe , just maybe I'll get to see him face to face <3

Damn ! Im in love !

Oh crap , I forgot something . Kitty .