Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heee :)

Hello :) Welcome back to my lame blog . Woke up and like normal , bath , made my bed and such .. Today is Assunta's Sport Day . Mama is the AJK so , she went , while I stayed at home and studied . After like 2 hours , I played Facebook . How awesome am I eh ? HAHA .. 

Oh yeah , SOWWY ;) I deleted all those old post of me and kitty . I'm trying to get over kitty . I just realized that most of my post was about kitty -,-

Chat with Alice Ssa at facebook just now . Talked about , well private things .. Huhu . Syamim said he was Sorry -,- Just cause I wrote that I didn't like him . Like WHAT ? HAHA XD He's weird then he asked me for my number . 

Oh ! Mom's calling , lunch is here . Good bye readers <3

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