Friday, March 4, 2011

Examination Week :)

Oh Hello :) I'm here , another idiot posting her inner most feelings :)  It was examination week at my school .. DAMN ! 

Monday !
Let's seee ...  There was the history paper and Bahasa Malaysia . This was also the day me and 'HIM' started to hit each other as a game ==' I know ! Very childish . HAHA !  Iloveyou <3 

Tuesday !
Nothing happen . Like 30 minutes before the last paper , teacher asked us to study , me , nabila and ana gossip and played , like 3 idiots ! HAHA XD It was me , alysha and patricia in Assunta and now them in SMART .. 

Wednesday !
Wear my pandu puteri uniform , This was the day I had a crush on HIM ! I told Nabila and all she did was laugh . I'm like NABILA !! I know la , me and HIM are like best friends , SO WHAT ? Then Ana was dying to know , so we told her , she swear that she won't tell anyone . Then late that afternoon , Nabila text HIM , Nabila asked does he like me ? He said no .. I was sad :(

Thursday !
It was a TOTALLY sad day :'( Nabila told me about what did HE say . I was sad , then Nabila also told HIM that I had a huge crush on HIM .. DAMN ! Memalukaaan .... Then I really didn't want to say hye to HIM , guess what ? We didn't say a single word to each other , THE WHOLE DAMN DAY . It was a very sad day .

Friday !
Sob Sob , he still didn't say hai , Everytime Nabila and Ana call HIM and I'm there , HE'll just won't come . First , I thought he hated me , then Ana and Nabila said that I was sulking and he blushed and smiled .. Aww ~ He's such a sweetheart <3 Then , he paid the class money and he was standing at the back of me , I really didn't notice , I turned and he was there , I blush ==' What an idiot . Then I was gonna give him his change , suddenly I touched his hand ==' ! WHAT THE FUG ?! Then we talked again :) 

That was what happen thru the week , AWESOME week eh ? Yeah :)

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