Monday, August 29, 2011

Boy you got me higher ;)

Cak ;> 
How you all doing ? I'm living my awesome life. So , harini last terawih , dapat la buat kat masjid besar ~ 
Kselok -,-

Hari ni ? Jumpa syazwan lagi ~ HAHA , tak habishabis jumpa budak tuu <3
Today , my brothers met him ;)
WHOA :O Dapat salam mama dia :D

Now ? Watching soccer with my brothers , texting syazwan , chating with shamin and helping Ana :)

Tomorrow is Hari Raya , I feel nothing -,-
Why ?
No semangat la this year :(

Saturday, August 27, 2011

She's beautiful in all the ways possible ;>

Idk how many times have I wrote about her , buuut.. Idc :D

She's beautiful in everyway
She's my scandal 
She's my girlfriend
She's my kacip
She's my listener 
She's my everything <3

I wish I was with her right now :'(

Sooo , that's Shamin as you guys know. She's been with me thru thick and thin.The way she smiles make me feel awesome.I really do love you shamin and I don't know what will I do without you :* 

Shamin , you stay strong okayh ? Maybe that perfect guy isn't here yet for you , wait , be strong and believe , I'm sure you'll find him sooner or later. Okayh baby boo :*

Hello Handsome ;)

Hello :D Cak :D
Tadi ?
Berbuka dengan Muhammad Syazwan <3
So , 
Sekarang , tgh selok n angau seekor atas katil nii ;)
Miss him already ;(

So ?
Nak citer tk nii ?
Citer je la eh eh eh ?
Yeah sure , citer laaa :D

Kata kat syazwan jumpa dpn telekom
Then mama hantar dpn Tm Point
Kesian syazwan kena jalan kaki jauh :p

Then bila da pergi kedai
Kita masuk laa kan 
Then meja belakang kita ada Juliana ;)
Hotstuff nya dia :O
Jealous I ;p
Then Azan Magrib
Kita pun makan ;D
Selok I makan banyak giler sebab lapar :)
Then , I makan comot
Syazwan gelak tpi dia buat rolling eyes kat I
Mengada ah budak tu -,-
Then bila nk dkt habis makan
Mama gi bukak citer -,-
Pasal ?
My perangai kat rumah
I became really malu :$
Macam cherry muka I
Merah sngt :p
Syazwan asyik gelak je
Sumpah malu giler -,-
Me n syazwan main pijak2 kaki bawah meja
Then bila meja goyang , syazwan kata I buat 
HAHA , sumpah best ;)
Pastu masa makan kaki kita silang samasama <3

Then mama bayar n kita bla 
Pastu kan nak jalan gi kerete
Mama jalan depan n I and syazwan jalan belakang 
Unbelieveble :O
He hugged my hips :O
He said peluk skit then dia peluk -,-

Then mama still citer psl I yg pemalas ni kat syazwan masa dalam kerete.
Why ?
IDK -,-
Then hantar syazwan balik
Then mama n I pergi terawih :p

Then habis terawih 
Kita pergi jalanjalan kat bazaar tu 
I buat syazwan suprised skit 
CAK :D I menjerit xD
He was like EH ?
Then kita just borakborak <3

Then balik rumah
Then now I'm here
Buat muka angau seorang kat sini -,-
Gosh I miss him :(

Sorry post ni mcm taik , naik cpt :p

Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally :)

Hai :)
How you all doing ?
Im really sorry that I haven't updated recently , cause , well , my laptop was with my dumb brother -,-

26.08.11 <3
For the first time in history , I'm gonna break fast with syazwan <3 
K , selok -,-
Meeting him at 6:45 p.m. 
With my mom of course
Maaa , thanks :*

Today was the last day of school before HARI RAYA 
I didn't go to school -,-
Cause syazwan didn't go to school :p
But , shhhhh !
I told everyone I was sick :p

K , I'm done for this post , byebye <3

Friday, August 19, 2011

He cares that's why he's mad ;)

The only reason why he is mad , is cause he loves me to die for :)
Hello , Assalamualaikum , Cak ;>

So now ? I'm sick T.T Why? To much ice xD
Syazwan got really mad when he knows :( Why ? Cause he loves meeeeeeee ;}  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Now , I can't drink ice till umm till raya ? SHIT T.T

Tomorrow is Saturday , tomorrow also my goddamming brother is going to berbuka at the padang , I WANNA GO TOO ! I WANNA BERBUKA WITH SYAZWAN THERE ! WHY CAN HE GO AND I CAN'T MA ?! WHYYYY !!!!!
Kayh , I'm overreacting -,-

Really hungry here :( puaaaasssaaaaaa :D 

Kbye -,-

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cause I know he loves me too

HAHAHAAH , look at the background , JUST STARE AT IT xD
Syazwan looks so nerdie ;D HAHAHAHAAHAH
Sorry baby , but it's soooo coommeeelll <333

Soooo , last sunday I got to meet syazwan for about 23 minutes :p
Damn sekejap , hmmm :( If I stayed longer surely I get to see syazwan's mom :(

Qurrently doing the stupid thinkquest shit , thanks kelly for doing one page , atleast that's an effort :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cause we are crazy liddat (Y)

Ignore that I'm using windows xp
Ignore that there a youtube tab with saying 'How to printscreen'
First time shit :p

So , cause of my new hair syazwan call me garfield :3 
Thanks Nabilaaaaa <333

Friday, August 12, 2011

Results :p

I look so effing ugly xD

Shit :P

Hello , Cak :D
I cut my fringe :( Not purposely , but accidentally 
So , this is the story
On monday I went to the saloon to cut my fringe and my hair a little bit
I said to the Chinese : A little bit only a aunty , until my nose only
She said okayh
Then she cut it , I was closing my eyes so I didn't see
I opened them and my fringe was so short it is until my eyebrow 
So , I cried until I came home 
Then cried again
Then barged to syazwan how awful my hair was
I miss my old fringe :(((((( 

Then today , Friday , we did a Cinderella drama , I was Cinderella ;D Ewww tak susuai , dah la I tak cantek :p 
So , I got 13 marks :D Highest for girls :D
Tapi masa buat tu serabut skit ahh dengan props tuu
Tak sedia
Macam tahik -,-
But , I had real fun with them :)
Nabila , Ana , Kelly , Farisha <3

Hey Boy , I'm thinking of you you you eventhough your so far away ~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm sorry :|

Umm , Hai , like this post is really serious. :|
Remeber 23/7 ? Yesh , me and syazwan went out ?
Kayh , If you do remeber kthanks
So , just now , I was waiting to go in the toilet , I asked my mom if I could berbuka puasa with shamin or not ? She said no. I was like WHY ?! She said cause you lied to me. 
Then I panic.I was like , lie ? What lie ?
She said , you lied you said on the 23rd you didn't see syazwan
Yeah mom , that's right I said , I didn't see him.
She said no no , don't lie , tons of texts I got , and some even got pictures.You were there , with syazwan , holding hands. I know , don't lie to me.
I just kept quite
And she continue , You know B , I really trusted you not to go out with him , but you did , I asked so many times weither he was gonna be there or not and you said no , you betrayed me , why ? I don't like that syazwan guy anymore , ya' know , cause you lied , I hate people who lie. Even _______ said to me that you were there with syazwan , she told me , I really liked him , I even brought him to lunch , but now , I don't anymore
I just kept quite and thought , Ma , I know I should have told , you , but if I did you wouldn't let me go , you must understand ma , that I have to see him once in awhile , he's my god forsaking right boyfriend.
So , I said in my heart. Laying on the bed with all the guilt.

I sorry mom , I am really sorry :(

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Happy Sunday everyone :)
How you all doing ?
I'm awesome , living my fantasy life <3
Currently chating with syazwan and kutuk _____ dengan shamin :D
Gosh I love shamin <3

So , Bulan puasa is here :) This is the second day that I can puasa :D Yay :D weeee ~ So , shamin ajak keluar berbuka puasa , me , her , syazwan and haziq taau , but I don't know can or not , cause so far mama tak pernah bagi I keluar after 6 o'clock. Hmm , maybe can ? hmm :|

Hey bitch , tahu la sebernanya you dah pangkah I , I tak kisah la bodo , bagi I , your just a moron bitch.

Hearing dirty dirty dancer :D weeee ~ eww , porny -,- 


I really don't know what else to say xD Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Me and him , kita sehati sejiwa

Hello , Assalamualaikum and Cak :D
So , this has been a really bad week for me -,-
Anyways , Happy Ramadan to All the Islam out there 
I can't puasa on the first 4 days , why ? PERIOD -,-

So , everynight my parents go out for terawih and I'll be left alone , luckily Syazwan is always there to make me feel unlonely :) Thanks Boy <3

There's this insect , it's a KUMBANG , Haikal really like seriously loves it , but he always kacau the girls with it , this morning I opened my bag and the kumbang was there , I screamed like some random dumb girl -,- It is huge I really scared of it.

My BM teacher Cikgu Anita hates me -,- WHY ? Cause I didn't hand up my KOMSAS Book on time , like chill la cikgu , not our fault kayh ? We weren't in class when you asked us to hand it up , COME ON LA TEACHER , forgive us la , it is ramadan.

Hey Bitch , if you hate me , say so , no need to hide it , I'm ready for anything , KALAU BERANI MEH AH , KITA GADUH . NO HAL TO ME.

Hearing to Where them girls at while texting Syazwan and sitting here all alone like a dumb girl -,- I wanted to print my geografi work but the damn CC tutup , eff it -,- Singing HAHA xD 

So , syazwan can't call me anymore , cause ? His dad marah him -,- I miss his voice <33 Awwwhhh so comel <3

I really regret not taking his jacket on 23.07 when he offered to me T.T  I MISS 16 and 23 of JULY T.T July was the best month of my life , I miss it , I really wasn't ready to leave it and move on the august :((

Tomorrow is Friday , YAY :D Everyone is coming home , I really miss my brothers <3 Eventhough we fight alot but , we still love each other <3