Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm sorry :|

Umm , Hai , like this post is really serious. :|
Remeber 23/7 ? Yesh , me and syazwan went out ?
Kayh , If you do remeber kthanks
So , just now , I was waiting to go in the toilet , I asked my mom if I could berbuka puasa with shamin or not ? She said no. I was like WHY ?! She said cause you lied to me. 
Then I panic.I was like , lie ? What lie ?
She said , you lied you said on the 23rd you didn't see syazwan
Yeah mom , that's right I said , I didn't see him.
She said no no , don't lie , tons of texts I got , and some even got pictures.You were there , with syazwan , holding hands. I know , don't lie to me.
I just kept quite
And she continue , You know B , I really trusted you not to go out with him , but you did , I asked so many times weither he was gonna be there or not and you said no , you betrayed me , why ? I don't like that syazwan guy anymore , ya' know , cause you lied , I hate people who lie. Even _______ said to me that you were there with syazwan , she told me , I really liked him , I even brought him to lunch , but now , I don't anymore
I just kept quite and thought , Ma , I know I should have told , you , but if I did you wouldn't let me go , you must understand ma , that I have to see him once in awhile , he's my god forsaking right boyfriend.
So , I said in my heart. Laying on the bed with all the guilt.

I sorry mom , I am really sorry :(

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