Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I do , love you ♥

OHMAIGOSH , I miss you Badwul <3 Really can't wait till 2/6 to meet you Hun :)

OH DAMN , forgot to tell my awesome readers , 2/6 is my birthday :D 

I really have alot to write but Im sick and when your sick you type slow , so I'm just gonna save it. Kayh ?

I skip school for the past 2 days , I just layed on the bed , waiting for Badwul to reply my text , and he never did -,-

Guess that's all :D Kbye

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I miss those moments.

Good morning readers :D Hw you all doing ? Im fine , I guess :|

That text was like 2 months ago , from Badwul Amiwul :3 At 9:06 on 21 March 2011.

I miss him being that sweet <3 Oh Badwul , why did you change ? 

Really not in the mood.Kbye.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

pity badrul amirul mai,he loves u..u broke his heart

I love him too anon , and your an anon or maybe even my friend I don't know okay , but today I send like 5 texts saying sorry , but if he loved me so much , why didn't he reply ? I know okay , I did him wrong so many times , but give me a chance to change , I swear I'll love him right , If your reading this badrul , Im sorry </3

Hey . That question just came in on Formspring. Yeah , I swear I'll love him right.

Last night , I had this dream about BA that kind of made me realize everyting. Right from the start of our relationship until today. Well , that dream is kind of private xD If you wanna know call me ;) Hahahahaha xD Jk Jk , ask me on Facebook , InsyaAllah I'll answer.

BA , I love you okay , and I don't wanna fight. 5 text , atleast reply 1 , is that so damn hard ? I know okay , I know how it feels to be you , I da bnyk kali la kena dengan laki cmni.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home alone :OO

Just sitting on my bed , with my bored face , hoping one of my friends didn't go to school. PLEASE !

I'm home alone , cause I'm sick and I didn't go to school. Well okay , got an E for history , okay I failed that , but mama didn't get mad cause I was sick :DD Thank god , while others got C and D's I got a freakin fcking E , WHATTHEFUCK !? 

Sorry -,- Too mad , too many bad words -,-

K , Badwul , sorry tk reply text , I was too busy sleeping and vomiting . Iloveyou.

K, Syazwan , sorry tk reply text too , I was sick. So , please get that I was sleeping and vomiting.

Badwul , Iheartyoutoohun <3

K , no pictures cause Im freakin SICk.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It also been about me , myself and I :D

I'm really in love with vintage clothes and accesories , I don't really know why , they make me go :OO All the time , cause their too beautiful , especially dresses , my favorite :D

Now , look me in the eyes and tell me that you don't like those. I really want them , but I can't find them in Malaysia -,- really wanna go shop at New York. 

kau sial , perasan sume laki suke kau . koyaaa . dh laa tk setia ngn bdrul amirul . BAPAK BABI NYE gf cm kau .

Oh , okay thanks panggil sya sial , koya and babi. Sape awak eh ? Nak thu psl private life sya ? It's kind of my own freakin bisnes , tkyah nk kacau private life sya laaa and one more thing , you don't know the real me and how I really feel inside . Okay bye :D

Damn anons can hurt you . That was a question on my formspring , Yeah , yesterday I tried to break with Badwul , I don't know why actually , maybe my head just had a mini breakdown and forgot all those times I had with Badwul , so now , I don't wanna break up with him , I realized that I still love Badwul with all my heart. 

OKay bye.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kau seru aku la pelangi cinta muuuu ♥

Good Morning , to everyone :D I'm here , on the bed with my lappie tk mandy lagi , membuat muka blur while blogging .

Well , today Nabila , Ana and Kimmy are coming over to my house to do a History Folio , but I'm sure we'll just fool around and not get it done. Anyways , tomorrow's a school day , okay crap .

Last Night , on Formspring I got a lot of bad question , I can handle , but you know , it will still hurt. On _____ formspring , he got a lot of question saying bad thing about me . I don't know why he didn't stand up for me.. Entah..

I wanna eat breakfast , but I'm too lazy -,- Texted Badwul , he still hasn't reply , maybe he's sleeping -,- Since it's on 8. Gosh , I wanna go back to sleep now . So bye. 

Eh eh , before I go 

Kacak luar
Kacak dalam
Kacak dengar sini
Kalau saya senyum
Awak mesti senyum sekali
Kalau kita senyum
Semua orang berjangkit
Bila semua orang senyum
Dunia tiada penyakit

Kimia Melda Ahmad

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your my hunny ♥

Thanks Hun buatkan gmbr :) 

So , it was exam week :OO Macam shit je I buat paper semua . Got a C for my BM :OO Mama's gonna kill me when she knows -,-

Satu minggu kena bully dengan Afiq and Iqbal -,- They take my bag , ana's bag , kelly's bag and nabila's bag and run away with it , and we'll run and kejar dieorg . Macam benda je , setiap kali rehat mesti jadi hyper.

Mai nak minta maaf , mai tahu blog mai bodo -,- 
Mai nak mintak maaf , mai tk dpt text awak smpai malam2 sbb mama mai marah.
Mai tahu mai tk cantek mcm budak tuu .
Mai tahu mai girlfriend yang jahat . 


Sunday, May 8, 2011

They are here when I need them ♥

These beautiful people are awesome <3

The first is Patricia Wong , me and her have been together since we were 7 , at the same class , in the same school . She calls my dad , papa and calls my mom , mama. She's my little hunny <3

The second is Alysha , me and her also since we were 7 , she's in the same school as Patricia , the school infront of me ! There is never a dull moment with her , I just love her so much <3. She's my sayang <3

The third is Shamin :D I'm sure you all know her , believe me , she the best listener :'D She never gets bored when hearing all of my boring problems , she's afiq's GF :D She's my favourite girl <3

The last but of course not the least is Nabila , she's beautiful inside and out , I met her last year at tution but wasn't that close , this year she's sitting next to me in class and we got really super duper close , she tell me her problem , I tell her mine . She's the only girl in the world who I trust <3 She's my sunshine <3

I don't know how will I live without this 4 people , Ilovethemsomuch <3

Mommy Ihy :D

Happy Mother's Day Norlaili , Iheartyouverymuch
Thanks for 13 years of taking care of me , you mean the world to me mom <3

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ola :D
The first picture is 3 flying cats:D
The second one is M for Maisarah
The third one is my fantasy dream land ;)

I just notice how childish I'm reallly am , and I love it :DD

Tengahari tadi , BADRUL tanya pasal syazwan , pasal post yang I buat tuuu , entah , rasanya dia jealous kut , salah sngt ke ? It's kind of my blog , so it's kind of my damn wish to write about what I want okay. 

Then , today I didn't really get to talk to syazwan since he is really busy.

YOU , yesh you , the girl over there , you have no freaking right to tell my boyfriend anything that is private to ME , so like Eff off , I tk kacau your BF kan , tkyah la kacau mine ! Sumpah kata I menyesal bgtau smua benda tu kat you , and klau I nak selok dgn BF I , ikut suka hati mak bapak I la , it's my freaking life okay.

Waaaa , syazwan da online :D Yay ! 

Walling with BADRUL , he's change , alot. SO yeah , things aren't going that well. I pun tk thu ape status kita skrg -,-

I guess that's all <3 Goodnight :D

Meet Him :D

Introducing :D That's Muhammad Syazwan Bin Ridzwan :D 
He's 14 a year older than me , he is in Alor Akar with Belle and Lanny

I made this post just to say Thank You awak ! You have made me happy in so many way ;) 

Thank you so damn much , you made me smile 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello there :D
How are you ? ImissyouNabila </3
Currently : Chating with Syazwan on Facebook , Tweeting , Hearing Songs and 
                Formspring xD

Guess what ? Next week is my damn exam :OO Like afjsskfnkl cause , mama cakap nak pergi KL esok . and klau pergi KL da sah2 tk study , mesti shopping.

I'm gonna get bad results. Trust me.

I'm okay with Badwul ady , but , he still ungkit nama syazwan almost everytime we text. So , kind of sakit hati . Boys , must you hurt girls ? 

Thanks Nabila , for fixing me and him :) I don't know what would I do without you <3

And thanks to those people who listened to my story , and helped me thru it all <3

Monday, May 2, 2011

He did it . He hurt me . He made me cry . Thanks alot awak . Thanks <//3

You make wanna say I do ♥

Hai D: 
I'm in a fight with Badwul . He's a jealous little dude . He thinks that Syazwan is my boyfriend. Then I said la , if syazwan is my boyfriend , then who are you !? I know , jealousy means that he loves me. But , it doesn't mean when I chat or wall with other guys Ilovethem . Syazwan tu kacip I , KACIP ! Not more . Awak walling dengan pempuan lain sya tk cari gaduh pun . Sya ckp je kan. Siap nak suruh budak tu belanja ice cream BR . Memang bagus :DDDD

Nabil pun marah me . Cause ? I made badwul made

Badwul Amiwul :3 If your reading this , I want you to know that Iheartyou. I don't know if you heart me too , but I'll never cheat on you Hun. I'll never.