Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kau seru aku la pelangi cinta muuuu ♥

Good Morning , to everyone :D I'm here , on the bed with my lappie tk mandy lagi , membuat muka blur while blogging .

Well , today Nabila , Ana and Kimmy are coming over to my house to do a History Folio , but I'm sure we'll just fool around and not get it done. Anyways , tomorrow's a school day , okay crap .

Last Night , on Formspring I got a lot of bad question , I can handle , but you know , it will still hurt. On _____ formspring , he got a lot of question saying bad thing about me . I don't know why he didn't stand up for me.. Entah..

I wanna eat breakfast , but I'm too lazy -,- Texted Badwul , he still hasn't reply , maybe he's sleeping -,- Since it's on 8. Gosh , I wanna go back to sleep now . So bye. 

Eh eh , before I go 

Kacak luar
Kacak dalam
Kacak dengar sini
Kalau saya senyum
Awak mesti senyum sekali
Kalau kita senyum
Semua orang berjangkit
Bila semua orang senyum
Dunia tiada penyakit

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