Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kau sial , perasan sume laki suke kau . koyaaa . dh laa tk setia ngn bdrul amirul . BAPAK BABI NYE gf cm kau .

Oh , okay thanks panggil sya sial , koya and babi. Sape awak eh ? Nak thu psl private life sya ? It's kind of my own freakin bisnes , tkyah nk kacau private life sya laaa and one more thing , you don't know the real me and how I really feel inside . Okay bye :D

Damn anons can hurt you . That was a question on my formspring , Yeah , yesterday I tried to break with Badwul , I don't know why actually , maybe my head just had a mini breakdown and forgot all those times I had with Badwul , so now , I don't wanna break up with him , I realized that I still love Badwul with all my heart. 

OKay bye.

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