Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home alone :OO

Just sitting on my bed , with my bored face , hoping one of my friends didn't go to school. PLEASE !

I'm home alone , cause I'm sick and I didn't go to school. Well okay , got an E for history , okay I failed that , but mama didn't get mad cause I was sick :DD Thank god , while others got C and D's I got a freakin fcking E , WHATTHEFUCK !? 

Sorry -,- Too mad , too many bad words -,-

K , Badwul , sorry tk reply text , I was too busy sleeping and vomiting . Iloveyou.

K, Syazwan , sorry tk reply text too , I was sick. So , please get that I was sleeping and vomiting.

Badwul , Iheartyoutoohun <3

K , no pictures cause Im freakin SICk.

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