Saturday, May 21, 2011

pity badrul amirul mai,he loves u..u broke his heart

I love him too anon , and your an anon or maybe even my friend I don't know okay , but today I send like 5 texts saying sorry , but if he loved me so much , why didn't he reply ? I know okay , I did him wrong so many times , but give me a chance to change , I swear I'll love him right , If your reading this badrul , Im sorry </3

Hey . That question just came in on Formspring. Yeah , I swear I'll love him right.

Last night , I had this dream about BA that kind of made me realize everyting. Right from the start of our relationship until today. Well , that dream is kind of private xD If you wanna know call me ;) Hahahahaha xD Jk Jk , ask me on Facebook , InsyaAllah I'll answer.

BA , I love you okay , and I don't wanna fight. 5 text , atleast reply 1 , is that so damn hard ? I know okay , I know how it feels to be you , I da bnyk kali la kena dengan laki cmni.

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