Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ola :D
The first picture is 3 flying cats:D
The second one is M for Maisarah
The third one is my fantasy dream land ;)

I just notice how childish I'm reallly am , and I love it :DD

Tengahari tadi , BADRUL tanya pasal syazwan , pasal post yang I buat tuuu , entah , rasanya dia jealous kut , salah sngt ke ? It's kind of my blog , so it's kind of my damn wish to write about what I want okay. 

Then , today I didn't really get to talk to syazwan since he is really busy.

YOU , yesh you , the girl over there , you have no freaking right to tell my boyfriend anything that is private to ME , so like Eff off , I tk kacau your BF kan , tkyah la kacau mine ! Sumpah kata I menyesal bgtau smua benda tu kat you , and klau I nak selok dgn BF I , ikut suka hati mak bapak I la , it's my freaking life okay.

Waaaa , syazwan da online :D Yay ! 

Walling with BADRUL , he's change , alot. SO yeah , things aren't going that well. I pun tk thu ape status kita skrg -,-

I guess that's all <3 Goodnight :D

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