Monday, May 2, 2011

You make wanna say I do ♥

Hai D: 
I'm in a fight with Badwul . He's a jealous little dude . He thinks that Syazwan is my boyfriend. Then I said la , if syazwan is my boyfriend , then who are you !? I know , jealousy means that he loves me. But , it doesn't mean when I chat or wall with other guys Ilovethem . Syazwan tu kacip I , KACIP ! Not more . Awak walling dengan pempuan lain sya tk cari gaduh pun . Sya ckp je kan. Siap nak suruh budak tu belanja ice cream BR . Memang bagus :DDDD

Nabil pun marah me . Cause ? I made badwul made

Badwul Amiwul :3 If your reading this , I want you to know that Iheartyou. I don't know if you heart me too , but I'll never cheat on you Hun. I'll never.


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