Thursday, April 28, 2011

It was a week of sadness :"(

Haha , selok ambik gambar dengan name tag syamim -,- Dumb me :)

Thanks Nabila tolong ambik kan gambar :)

Let me tell you about the damn week ....

I didn't really text Amirul , cause well , I guess he didn't want too , I texted Syazwan instead :) He's a kind boy <3

Sumpah kata , minggu ini terasa dipinggirkan giler . Like , tk ada sorang pun layan sya dengan penuh ikhlas . So I thought , maybe I should just move to SABS , it's nicer there , Pat's there , Alysha too , so I wanna move there . But , Mama bagi ke ? Huuuuu.... 

Tomorrow's Farisha's birthday <3 Happy Birthday too you ! She was the only person who treated me good this week and Syazwan ..

I'm sorry Syazwan , I can't text you . I have no creadit :( Sorrrryyyyyy :D

I got so many things to write actually , but , this blog , everyone knows it already . I can't write things anymore I'm just scared people will read it and terasa hati . Ya' Know..... I was thinking of making another blog , but I rasa tak baik .. Cause I'll just end up talking shit about my friends ,and I don't wanna do it . Tak baik ya know ;)

I guess that will be all ya. Thank you for reading this very very very boring blog . Kay bye and here's some pictures for you to enjoy :)

Goodbye <3 :)

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