Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'll be standing next to you even if the sky is falling ♥

Yeeeeaaah ! Muka sya mcm shit :D Still , tak pe laaa , first time dapat ambik gambar dengan dia . Muka dia tak bersedia langsung . Thanks alot Nabila <3

Let me tell you about the day kaaay ?

It all started with my pertandingan Kawad Kaki . Cikgu Asyikin was there as my judge <3 Awwww ~ I miss her .. Then about 9:30 Badwul Amiwul came , I said hey . Then he left to have breakfast at Old Town . Then me and all eat and bought food at the SMART Niaga .. 

Then , what ah ? Oh yeah I face painted the words BA on my pipi  .. Something like this : 
It isn't that clear , that's the closes thing I got . That's Nabila , isn't she beautiful ? Yeeeaaah <3 Then Badwul Amiwul came and we hang out together . But , very far far away from each other laa . He really didn't wanna come close . He's shy as he says it . The only time we were close was when we took the picture . I touched his hair though . 
That's syamim -,- He loves his bag very much . I took his name tag last week . Guess I'm gonna do it this week too .

I like really am sorrry that this post is boring . I don't have anyting nice to talk about . So Kbye :*

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