Sunday, April 17, 2011

It was a day I'll never forget ♥

Hello there :) I'm really super sorry for not updating my blog recently , all cause of my damn brother . Who stalks me when I'm on my lappie , he just sits there and watch everything that I do . FREAK !

I wanna talk about 16.4.2011 . The most amazing day in my life , so far :D

It started at 8 am , I was at school waiting for Kimmy and Reen to come for Pandu Puteri Kawad . Kimmy came then Reen did . We practice 'boria' and kawad of course . Until like 11:40 we were allowed to go home . Mama picked me up and I went home . Bathed , texted Amirul and got ready to meet Amirul laa .

Then , I arrived at ECM about like 12 something . I walked straight to Padini , cause I promised to meet everyone there . I walked with total confident , and guess what ? I saw no girls. Just Amirul's friends and me. Amirul came to me and said hey . I said hey and smiled. Syamim came and pushed Amirul near me , I'm like Whatthehell syamim ? Actually , all his friends pushed him to me . I just smiled , and somehow , I blushed ;)  Then syamim , keep pointing the camera to me , Im like , looking away .. Then Amirul's phone was pointing to me , and I still looked away . Then Amirul said , tak ape laa , dia malu. I dengan hati yg penuh brave looked at the camera and smiled. Heeeee :) Then , Nabila and Kimmy came. I'm like wherethehell were you guys ?! They just smiled . Kimmy asked me , kawan Amirul berapa ramai nak tengok Never say Never . I said mana lah aku thu. Then kimmy asked me to ask Amirul and he said 7 . OH ! Afiq suddenly came too . Like ape benda kau ?

Then , we all went to the Cinema area to buy tickets. There was 14 more sits. I quickly bought 10 and it was Rm 170 -,- Banyaaaak nyaaaaaaa ! After that we went to Pizza Hut to well , eat , cause Kimmy was saying Sya lapar laaaa , jom makaaan . SO we ate. Like normal , Afiq came and seat with us , uninvited -,- Then Azim came too . LIke , get another table , but , tak kesah laaa , everybody's friends :) The movie is at 2:35 , we all got together at the cinema at about 2:30 and went in Cinema 7 . I was so excited to watch Never Say Never ! Then there was the seating part . I went in and sat at the third chair , hujung was nabila and beside me was Kimmy . I guess , Amirul came and he sat beside me too :*  Aww ~ Haha ;)  Below our row was suppose to be Afiq , Mimiy and Mia . But , Mimiy and Mia came late , so me and Amirul turun temakan Afiq . Baik kan kan kan ? ;) The movie like few minutes , Afiq grabbed my hand and put it on Amirul's hand . Of course , I tarik lah balik . Then Afiq took Amirul's hand and placed it on mine . Amirul let go . I was hoping for him to not too . But , he did. Too bad :"( . Then suddenly out of nowhere , Mia and Mimiy came. So me and Amirul went up to out our sits . But this time I was sitting far far away from Amirul :"( 

Kiss me stupid. =/ 
Then , after the movie , we all went out . and najmi and someother random people played like idiots on a trolley -,- Childish giler . After that , we went to eat Ice Cream at Baskin Robins :) Actually , the night B4 this , Amirul promised to belanja me Ice Cream . Came to BR with everyone and choose my fav ice cream chocalate chips ! :D About I was going to take out my purse to pay , Amirul came and paaay . I'm likeee Heee :) Thanks . and he said welcome. I was eating the ice cream while waiting for others to pay , the Nabil came and said , suap laa Amirul . I'm like . Okay . Then Amirul came and I said , meh sya suap :D He said tak ape laa , then I made a :( Then he said kay. I suap him and he blused and there was a bit of ice cream on his lips . AAAAWWWHHH <3 Comel sangat :D  The Azim pun sebok nak belanja Nabila -,- Then we all went back up to Karaoke . Like after a few minutes after singing my heart out , me and Kimmy went out , cause we had to buy some stuff . Tak sempat nak naik balik cause masa tu dah nak dekat kul 6 . So , tak dpt jumpa Amirul and get his name tag :"( Actually , if I said IF I got to see him B4 I went home . I wanted to whisper to him , saying . Iloveyoubadrulamirul <3
Too bad tak dpt :"( 

The moral of this long post is : Never expect too much for a guy . Kaybye . and thanks for reading :D

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