Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello there readers :) Hw are you all doing ? Fine ? I hope so . I'm awesome..

From Kuantan To KL , From KL to Damansara , From Damansara to Gombak and From Gombak back to Kuantan , I was texting :D My fingers are all swore .Still , it was worth every single minute . 

I bought present for Nabila , since 14 is her birthday . Just as I walk out of Pavilion , I remembered that I was suppose to buy the same thing for Ana and Kimmy . Damn me x) I'm so so so sorry you guys <3 I'm a bad best friend eh eh eh ? Yeeeeeaaaah ... I wanted the owl necklace , but , tak ada . SO , I bought a robot necklace :D Mine's gold and Nabila's silver and black.

KL made me tired . Still , fun :) I stayed in a hotel room for 3 hours waiting for Mama to buy food for me . 


Me : Nak aje sya peluk awak ;)
Amirul : Peluk laa :*
Me : Hah ? Sya ckp btul2 niii 
Amirul : Btul laaa , it's up to you
Me : Tak pe la , meh sya kiss je trus :*
Amirul : Ikut awak laaa :)
Me : Tak pe laa , malu sya .

There's more actually , but I malas naaak type :)

And thanks Nabil for posting that post at facebook . It made me smile <3

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