Friday, April 8, 2011

Sorry :O

Peeeergggh . Memang best giler hr ni . Kena marah dgn Amirul lagi , kena marah dgn Mama lagi . Mmg I suka giler.

Got my report card , I failed agama , got an E and mama freak -,- I'm like , it's agama so chill , till nabila told me it's going to go in PMR , then I panic . Shit my agama gred. I kena marah dgn Amirul cause of the stupid plan for this 16 . Not that I don't wanna sit with his friends , but my friends don't wanna sit with his friends , but me and Amirul wanna seat together and this and that. Sumpah malas nak fikir .Haish -,-

Esok pergi KL , nak shopping and ada kenduri ape benda entah . Mesti penat . Baru je siap 22 pages of sejarah notes , my hand dah penat . 

Please , don't hurt me <3

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