Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am young , I run free :)

Hello :) I;m still young and I run free :D 

Today ? I woke up at 6:45 -,-  My mengaji teacher came -,- and I slept back at around 7:30 . Then woke up again at 9:50 cause I had an appointment at the spa . Came back home and got ready to go to a wedding . Went there and just about I was gonna eat , guess who I see ? AFIQ IQWAN ! I'm like WHAT ?! So I just cubit his arm , he looked kind of shock . HAHA X) 

Now I'm sitting , infront of my lappie , with a bored face . DAMN . Got a text from Amirul , He said I miss you <3 KBye . Dude , who does that ?! I've got a weird boyfriend .

I've got a dinner at 8 . A very busy sunday eh ? Yeaaah...

F , I didn't finish my Geog and B.Malaysia work yet . Damn . Kbye

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