Sunday, May 8, 2011

They are here when I need them ♥

These beautiful people are awesome <3

The first is Patricia Wong , me and her have been together since we were 7 , at the same class , in the same school . She calls my dad , papa and calls my mom , mama. She's my little hunny <3

The second is Alysha , me and her also since we were 7 , she's in the same school as Patricia , the school infront of me ! There is never a dull moment with her , I just love her so much <3. She's my sayang <3

The third is Shamin :D I'm sure you all know her , believe me , she the best listener :'D She never gets bored when hearing all of my boring problems , she's afiq's GF :D She's my favourite girl <3

The last but of course not the least is Nabila , she's beautiful inside and out , I met her last year at tution but wasn't that close , this year she's sitting next to me in class and we got really super duper close , she tell me her problem , I tell her mine . She's the only girl in the world who I trust <3 She's my sunshine <3

I don't know how will I live without this 4 people , Ilovethemsomuch <3

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