Saturday, August 27, 2011

She's beautiful in all the ways possible ;>

Idk how many times have I wrote about her , buuut.. Idc :D

She's beautiful in everyway
She's my scandal 
She's my girlfriend
She's my kacip
She's my listener 
She's my everything <3

I wish I was with her right now :'(

Sooo , that's Shamin as you guys know. She's been with me thru thick and thin.The way she smiles make me feel awesome.I really do love you shamin and I don't know what will I do without you :* 

Shamin , you stay strong okayh ? Maybe that perfect guy isn't here yet for you , wait , be strong and believe , I'm sure you'll find him sooner or later. Okayh baby boo :*

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