Thursday, August 4, 2011

Me and him , kita sehati sejiwa

Hello , Assalamualaikum and Cak :D
So , this has been a really bad week for me -,-
Anyways , Happy Ramadan to All the Islam out there 
I can't puasa on the first 4 days , why ? PERIOD -,-

So , everynight my parents go out for terawih and I'll be left alone , luckily Syazwan is always there to make me feel unlonely :) Thanks Boy <3

There's this insect , it's a KUMBANG , Haikal really like seriously loves it , but he always kacau the girls with it , this morning I opened my bag and the kumbang was there , I screamed like some random dumb girl -,- It is huge I really scared of it.

My BM teacher Cikgu Anita hates me -,- WHY ? Cause I didn't hand up my KOMSAS Book on time , like chill la cikgu , not our fault kayh ? We weren't in class when you asked us to hand it up , COME ON LA TEACHER , forgive us la , it is ramadan.

Hey Bitch , if you hate me , say so , no need to hide it , I'm ready for anything , KALAU BERANI MEH AH , KITA GADUH . NO HAL TO ME.

Hearing to Where them girls at while texting Syazwan and sitting here all alone like a dumb girl -,- I wanted to print my geografi work but the damn CC tutup , eff it -,- Singing HAHA xD 

So , syazwan can't call me anymore , cause ? His dad marah him -,- I miss his voice <33 Awwwhhh so comel <3

I really regret not taking his jacket on 23.07 when he offered to me T.T  I MISS 16 and 23 of JULY T.T July was the best month of my life , I miss it , I really wasn't ready to leave it and move on the august :((

Tomorrow is Friday , YAY :D Everyone is coming home , I really miss my brothers <3 Eventhough we fight alot but , we still love each other <3

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