Saturday, July 30, 2011

He supports me everyday :)

Assalamualaikum , Hello and Cak :D
1 month and 6 days with him , he has made me the happiest girl so far , thanks boy , iloveyoulikecrazy :*

So , now I'm texting my budak <3 He's ontheway back home , yay :D I'm waiting for him to online , I really miss him :( The last time I saw him was on 23 and the next time I see him is on the 1st day of raya , whoa , I damn month :(((

Thanks baby , he supports me through it all , he's my bestfriend , he's my boyfriend , he's my everything <33  I tell hi everything , there's no secret between us , why ? Cause he is truthfull to me and so am I , I hope he is :) I trust him <3 I dooooo <3333

I don't know what to say ady xD Kbyyyyeeee <33

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