Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm another crazy dancer !

Hello readers <3 Good Evening . Laying in the living room all alone is what I'm doing . I'm very hungry . Hoping for food. I'm such a loser ! HAHA .. 

Well , I've got 2 new crushes . One from Alor Akar and the other from MRSM . Thank Enessa for that MRSM dude , he's really cute <3

Stupid Laptop . Can't post pictures =/  Just finished studying for my exam . I really hope I can get 8As ! Please =3 Then there's friday . I burn all of my love letters from Assunta </3 I kept the most memorable ones only . I kept what does kitty like about me , then there's random facts about kitty and that poem from my birthday <3 Nabila , thanks for helping me . I hope , I'll try to forget . But I believe that I can't . 

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