Friday, February 25, 2011

An awesome week :D

Hello readers <3 Welcome again to another post :)  

This week was awesome . Played around like idiot at school , I didn't study for my exam yet , SO WHAT ?! HAHA XD Then today ? Me and Ana tickle Nabila like crazy , until she started to cry a little bit :) Then we stop and laugh like crazy idiots. Nik Mohd Syameel ? This name makes me laugh . The person makes me laugh even more . Like , people keep saying I like him , WHY THE HELL SHOULD I LIKE HIM ?! He's Mia's okay . Then there's Ahmad syamim . A dude , who stalks me . He's not cute . I don't like him. 

Afiq , Mia and NBS can't stop doing what Usop from Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah does . HAHA XD Ce cite Ce cite ! I saw it just now and I laugh my ass off ! 

Wednesday Me and the whole geng went to Bulan to have lunch and then went to 7 Eleven to buy a slurpee :) Then went crazy with taking pictures and making dumb reactions to boys , HAHA XD ! 

These are my favorites . I and my friends look like retards like ? Well we are . And I'm proud of us :')  

Ilovemyfriends as much as Iloveluq.

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