Thursday, February 3, 2011

You want him . You can have him .

I'm sooo over him , like I know dulu you cakap Eh , kepala besar la , suare garau la , now ? Siapa yang couple dengan siapa ?! Oh whatever you mother fcker oh a major LOSER !

Oh , I've got a new crush <3  His name ? Maybe later when we're official .. Heee :) Damn he's cute ! Plus HE'S THE FIRST GUY EVER THAT SAY SWEET THINGS TO ME. He cares <3 I like a guy who cares about me . Oh , thank you so much Arysha , you made me happy , thank you for telling him I have a crush on him , Thank you thank you thank you !! And the good news is he like me too.. So like Im kinda hoping me and he will be one <3 well you get what I mean ;)  Saturday Im going out with my geng , and he's going out with his , soooo , maybe , just maybe I'll get to see him face to face <3

Damn ! Im in love !

Oh crap , I forgot something . Kitty .

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