Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh damn !

Hello fellow bloggers and random people who read my bloggy .. Heee :) Anna Tasha here , writing her inner most feelings ..  

Like , yesterday , me , arysha , enessa , reen (my twinnie) , natasha , fatehah , mayamin and tuan nureen went out to the town , it was a rocking day , me and reen sang our hearts out at the karaoke room , like AWESOME ! We were dancing and standing on chairs , like WHOA . Then we went for pizza <3

OH OH OH !  I meet my crush , LUQMAN HAKIM , yeah , we were texting like we were really hoping to see each other ( tak caya sudah , I save kaay the text) Me and the geng went to the toilet like , me ? Fixing hair .. The I was on the way out , until Arysha shouted : OMG . THAT'S HIM !  I was like WHAT ?! I wave then just BLUSH and looked down .. I think he waved too , oh , he did ! I remembered . DAMN , cute gila kut !  Arysha was like pushing me to look at him .. Like NO !  

Oh yeah , inside the toilet there was Luq's SISTER she gave me the STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER LOOK , Damn I was scared ! 

Then Luq ajak go see Khurafat , I said tak nak , then he said tak best la macam itu , then I said eleh , kakak awak pun tak suke sya .then he said , tak la , kakak sya cakap awak comel :) then bla bla bla

The end 
Bye <3

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