Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boys. The lesson I learned.

Well Hello there again :) Ya' know , I'm girl . I cry so hard that I can finish tons of boxers of tissues. I'll wait up all night just cause you said you were gonna call me later . I want to be kissed in the rain . I want to have my first kiss near a sunset. I'm just another normal girl . Who want's what any girl wants TRUE LOVE . Yesh , true love . That feeling when you wake up and see a text saying , Good Morning beautiful . I don't want you too call me cute or hot . Beautiful is enough for me . When I run crying , go after me . I want you to love me . For me. Not for anything else . Tonight RAWR made me realize , that love is just another game we play every single day . Yesh , I do get jealous when I see a cute couple . But who doesn't want someone to talk too at night , someone you know you can rely on if your down , someone who'll care for you .. Everybody needs a soul mate eh ? For me ? I haven't found mine . All the boys that I like , believe me , won't like me back . No matter how much I believe it's gonna happen , it never does. I wanna believe in someone. That will believe me back . All I wanna do is BELIEVE IN LOVE . So , I'm gonna give up love for awhile until I find that right person for me . Good night readers , I'll talk to you tommorow.

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