Saturday, March 12, 2011

Say Hello and Make my day

Good Morning ! My first day for the school holidays , no friends , just my family and ALOT of HOMEWORK. Like seriously ? Teacher gave us homework for 1 whole month and expect us to finish it in a week . I know , homework is good. Too much just makes me sick.

Oh HIM , I wish you were here <3 Since it's been raining here for a few days , I'm sick. Damn ! I get sick really easily :) Miss Medicine , please help me. I'm going on a trip this Monday and Tuesday . I just hope , I'm gonna have fun and get all the stress out of my head. We've got another problem . Okay like this , listen closely kaaay ? Mia asked me to go outing with here and the whole geng while Shamin and I have been planing our outing like 2 weeks ago. I wanna go with both of them , oh yesh I do , but Mama only let's me go 1 time every time is the school holiday . So , last night , Annalynne confirm that she can go , while Shamin can't ! Like WHAAAAT ?! Shamin Mom is evil I tell you EVIL. So , if Shamin isn't going , I guess I won't too . Guess I'll be going with Mia .. I'm sorry Shamin , ILOVEYOU . 

Incase you guys were wondering , that's shamin. ILOVEHER SO DAMN MUCH !

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