Friday, March 11, 2011

I just came to say hello :)

Hello :) Yesh . OHMAIGOD. Such an awesome week :) Wanna here about it ? It you do , stay , if you don't wanna fuck off.

On Monday and Tuesday nothing much happen ... On Wednesday , It was raining heavily verry verry heavy ! Like normal , we wanted to go to restaurant Bulan . But , it was raining and so , we thought never mind laaa , then mia , fatehah and Natasha BS came . Saying they don't care . They still wanna go.. SO me , Nabila , Aishah , Kimmy and them went . Reen was saying don't go , she was scared that I'll get a fever .. Heee :) But I did go . I'm sorry ROZREENA ROSMAN <3 At bulan , there was Raz , Faeez , Afiq , HIM and such people laaa , like normal . Then HIM was going back to school ady , HE asked me , am I going back to class ? I said no . Then NBS asked me , awak couple ke dengan HIM , I was laughing and I said yes , I joked. NBS asked HIM , OUT LOUD ! He said NO ! And laugh and hit me wit an umbrella , like WHAT ?! All that shit happend on wednesday . 

On to Thursday ! Went to Old town Kopitiam with my two besties , patricia and alysha . I came down late , then guess what ? My secret admirer finally showed up ! HAHA XD His face hancur !!!!  I asked him , mna sya punya ice cream ? He said he had no money and I was like WHAAAAT ?! Then I leave and went to old town . On the way , saw Aiman Hakim , Amar and Kamiel , waved to kamiel and leave. At Old town we talked and all that , went to SABS that the end of the day , and went back to my school . When I was there , NBS merajuk ! I terkejut giler :| And also on that day , I went to Music class , HE was sitting at the back off me , we were all on the floor , so I leaned thinking Kimmy was at the back of me . My hand was on someone's hand , so I'm like , whatever , guess what ? I turned back , and it was HIS hand . I freaked out ==' It was the second time. DAMN !

I made that myself , It is on my Facebook :) Friday was not so awesome . Ana and Nabila was absent , so sad . Then , me and kimmy was inside the class all alone. . Syamim , so sombong . Oh please laaa , Then ? I guess that's all , goodbye <3

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  1. OMFG?OMFG= Oh My Fucking God???what the... :D