Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mr.Blue . Iloveyou

Chack ! Again -,-  Welcome back tooo my not so awesome blog ! ;) Well let's see . I went to Pekan to send my brother back to his 'asrama' . Heee :)

Hmm , I texted Mr.Blue .Okay , I'm sure you people are like WHO THE HELL IS MR.BLUE ?! Mr.Blue is well my boyfriend <3 I call him that cause the first time I met him , he was wearing a blue T-shirt. Guess what ? Today he got jealous for the first time :D I really shouldn't put a smiley eh ? x) Cause , afiq keep writing HIS name at my post on Facebook and he asked who is HE then I explain the he got jealous then I was happy :) Long story short . He's a totally sweetheart <3 Read the following conversation :)

Me : Awak , online eh kul 8 karang :)
Mr.Blue : Tak boleh kut , sebab saya nak potong rambut ... Esok je laa . 
             Kenapa ? Ada ape-ape important ke ?
Me : Tak laaa , sya pun tak tahu kenapa sya srh awak online -,-
Mr.Blue : Sya thu ! Sebab awak rindu saya kan ?
Me : Ha'ah , ye la tu kut ;)

The other's are just to private -,- Heeeeeee :) He's awesome . And I just love his awesomeness <3

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