Friday, March 25, 2011

I ♥ you

Falling for you was a fantasy come true :) I heart you Mr.Blue .

Chack ! How are my fine readers doing today ? Fine I hope . Me ? I'm down with a fever . I'm not that sad cause is here to c
omfort me <3 Ya' know broke his neck ! But he doesn't mind , cause I was there when he was sick and he was there when I was sick . 

I didn't go to school today . I got my HPV injection yesterday and I cried with Mia :) It hurt alot . When I was crying all my friends were like call Maisarah's crying ! Haha , aren't they the best ? Yeah .

On the very same day , I went to a dentist . Guess what ? I'm getting braces ! :D Can't damn wait till next Friday ! :)

Eh , I gtg ! needs me . Bye <3

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