Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chack ! Aww ~ Look at that picture <3 So sweet eh eh eh ? Heeeee :)

Love <3 I'm here today to tell you guys about my wonderful day <3 It was a little crazy doe . What can I do eh ? When it come to friends everything goes crazy :) We started off with 'senamerobik' or easy exercise . Everybody was forced to do it so , too bad :)  The boys went crazy , BERSEMANGAT GILER ! Haha , me , Mia and Alice didn't really do anything , we just ran around holding    Nikon camera's taking pictures!
That's me , Mia took the picture :) Thanks Mia . Please ignore the retard at the back . Kaay ? K. After the senamerobik , we took our bags and head off to do the activities :) There were 32 and I only did 16 the same as Alice . At first me , Nabila , Kimmy , Mia , NBS and Fatehah all walked together , the we separated cause there were to many activities , me and Alice were together :)

It all ended with relaxing to the voice of singers of SMART TALENT SHOW. It was an awesome day with my awesome friends <3 

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