Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm back to my regular self !

Chack ! That means Hello in my language , so CHACK ! Haha :) After that Effing Luq . I got over him . A found myself a new guy <3 . So , I'm sorry .. I'm taken ;) Isn't that just wonderful ? Yesh it is ! Well nobody knows the name of that boy , YET . I'm just gonna keep it a secret for awhile . Kaaay ? Thank you . I guess , my awesome readers wanna know what happen on the day that I went out with Shamin and the geng eh ? Bad Luck . I'm too lazy to write . So , go to  to know kaaay ? That's shamin's blog . She wrote everything about that day . Sorry doe , I haven't updated for quite a long time eh ? Sorrrrryyyyy <3 I was too lazy to type shit . So , I guess that's all . Oh ! And pictures of that day ? Scroll down to seee :) 

Some pictures were blur doe . The first one is me and feefoo chan in the karaoke room . Second is me and avery playing zombie killer at the arcade , next is me , amina lam and king ezzy singing only girl in the karaoke room and last but not least , was me and Mia eating pizza <3 

I just love them . Don't you ? Yesh , I sure you do :)

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