Sunday, June 12, 2011

A day with Shamin Abdul Razak :'D

I just remembered about the day with Shamin pictures xD
HAHAHA , wait , I upload them :D

We finish Shamin's folio :D and ended up going to ECM -,- Damn , I love her. I don't know what would I do without her. Thanks for that awesome day hun <3
and we randomly met Reen when we were waiting for Shamin's dad. HAHA , that explains the picture of me with reen ;D

Tomorrow's school :( After a 2 week holiday. The good part is I finished my folio but I haven't print it. So , as Kimmy said : Tak siap lagi la tu.
Tomorrow I'll print it and send it on Tuesday. 

The good part of school is I can get to see Mia , Nabila , Ana , Kelly , NBS , Elissa , Reen , Puteri and all of my friends :D Yay , tak sabar nya :)

I'm in the faking smile mood. HAHA , soooo , Byyyyyeeeeee :D

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