Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me :D And Puteri Nellisa <3 Iloveyoubabe :)

So so so , got an Ice Cream Cake for Baskin Robins , I didn't get a present though , cause I wanted a BB , and you guys can imagine how my dad reacted xD

My wish came true :D While I was blowing those 13 candles , I wished truely in my heart , so that Badwul could become himself again.. And the wish came true <3 Thanks so much Allah , Iheartyou <3
Badwul gave me chocolates for my birthday :D Thank You baby , they were awesome , I tk sampai hati pun nak makan sebernanya , tapi still , I makan :D Now tinggal 2 jeh lagi cause I ate 4 xD 

Badwul Amiwul Iheartyou so much that I would die for you hunny <3

I had a blast on 1/6 , ya' know , date dengan badrul , mna tk best nya :D Hahahahahaha xD  But he malu laa , like normal , kind of crushed my hopes , but tkpe , I was happy just to see him <3

Guess that's all. Kbye :D

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