Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lalalala ~

Eh , you guys remember syazwan ? Yeah , him .. He deleted me on Facebook and called me a BOHSIA -,-

So , the story went like this : That evening around 6 , he called me and we talked like normal la.. Then at the end of the conversation he said ILOVEYOU and I didn't say it back , I just hang up the phone. That night , on Facebook , he suddenly chat with me and said : Saya tahu awak tak suka saya. 
Then he deleted me -,- Like whatthehell is going on in his freakin brain. But , out of all , he did me justice by deleting me , I got some peace with Badwul :3

Enough of that bustard , let's talk about the 2 weeks holiday..

It's damn boring -,- All I fun that I had was on 1/6 and 2/6

Well , I was sick for the last 2 days , Badwul comfort me and made me alot better <3

Badwul started to call me Baby :D I call him Hunny <3

Tee hee , bosan nya lah.. Kbye , Iloveyouguys :*

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