Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alone -.-

Assalamualaikum :|
Comel tak colour nii ? HAHA comel kan ? x) k officially tukar colour now ~~ 
I'm actually sick right now . Horrible fever . I'm sitting all alone on my couch . In my room . Home alone .  I did wait for Syazwan to come back from his neighbours wedding , 2o'clock till 6o'clock I waited . Cause I thought if he was at least chatting with me , I could at least fell better . So at 6.05 he called and said that he was gonna be online on Facebook , I was sleeping then , but since I really wanted to talk to him , I got up from a bed and took the laptop , just as about 5minutes I was talking to him , I realized that it was time for me to eat my medicine . So I said bye to Syazwan and went down to have like 2 spoons of 'nasi goreng' and ate my medicine . I rushed up and I chated with Syazwan for a few mins till he said that he wants so sleep . K , I waited , I rushed and when I was gonna talk to him , HE WANTS TO SLEEP !? K , totally depressed . Not that I don't like it when he sleeps but at least spend a little time with me ? I've been waiting and waiting and this is what I get . Thanks ~ bye.

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