Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cause his mine forever :)

TEE HEE , Assalamualaikum , Hello , Hai , Hola , Chack :D

I met him at his school , SMK Alor Akar. You wanna hear the story ? If you wanna stay and read , if you don't go to heeeeelllll :D

Soo , I arrived at Alor Akar about 10:30 ? Yeah , about that time in the morning. Then I wanted to wait for kimmy , but she was really late and I just bla but I texted her saying that if you come tell me.So,I talked to Katricia , Geraldine , Lavee and Limmy for awhile , then moved on to walking with syazwan. It was REALLY awkward at first , we wanted to buy food but ya' know , I MALU :$ HAHA. Then kimmy texted saying she's here , so I went to the front gate again and waited for her I asked syazwan to hide cause I was scared kimmy's mom would see him. Then hantar kimmy to Geraldine and the gang cause kimmy didn't wanna be 'the third person' HAHA. So , I was walking and bought wedges ~  The I hantar lah kimmy kan , then I turned around and syazwan WAS GONE. HAHA , I looked for him , like I stand there and looked around , butt instead of finding him I found Syafiq , his brother. Now , that;s just plain funny. So I went to Syafiq and talked to him there.

Then I texted Syazwan and he came :D HAHA , he went to buy food , bukan dia hilang pun xD THEN THERE WAS FITRI. HE'S A BIG CHARACTER IN THIS STORY TOO.So , fitri or fikri I don't know actually -,- was talking to syazwan and I was like , OHMAIGOSH , THIS IS SO AWKWARD. Then syazwan ajak pergi tempat lain , THANK GOD. Fitri/Fikri your just plain weird. Then we went up to syazwan's call , first it was okayh , I looked at his class high and low xD At his table and such then it was just the two of us in the huge class room , then fikri/fitri came and pecahkan pasu bunga -,- again he's a weirdo. Then alot seriously like ALL OF SYAZWAN'S FRIENDS came in the class and it became really noisy. OH , I wore syazwan's cap and there was a piece of my hair , he actually took it from the cap and said that he wanted to experiment it -,- HAHA , so I took it away :D NO WAY HE'S GONNA EXPERIMENT MY HAIR :P

Then we left the classroom and syazwan showed me around the school. Not like totallt detailed lah just like this is this , that is that and bla bla bla , I did hear to every word he said , but along the way I got lost in his eyes <333 Biase ah , mata dia bapak cantek <33 and everywhere we go sure got his friends , they just simply come to kacau us -,- HAHA , but it was really funny though :D Syazwan told me that some random girl took a picture with him , I was actually mad inside , but ya' know , takkan nak mengamuk depan dia , HAHA , so I just simpan dalam hati.

Then we just jalan there , jalan here , there was alot of silence but it wasn't awkward silence it was that other type , the sweet type.I wore syazwan's superman cap almost the whole day.I curi cap syazwan cause without his cap he looks like a total cute nerd <333 COMEL GILER , SUMPAH KATA. Tergugat iman I tgk :D HAHA xD At about 12:30 they started to lelong the food and I had tons of cupons I just spend 2 bucks for the wedges. I wanted water , I SERIOUSLY WANTED WATER , but there was no mineral water , I can't drink ice since I have the flu , so syazwan bought ice blended he drank it and offered me a few times I wanted to drink it but the stupid flu -,- I took a sip and I got angry with myself for drinking ice ,BUT APE SALAH AN ? BUKAN SENANG DAPAT SHARE AIR DENGAN SYAZWAAN <3333

Then there was fitri/fikri bla bla bla , then it was almost going home time , so me and syazwan walked la like normal , somehow actually really close <3 So , we looked for a place to sit ya'know , I really don't like sweating especially infront of syazwan.So we sat at the padang , under a big shady tree just the two of us , not a single distraction... I cabut lah the superman cap and put it aside cause my hair was going crazy under it , so I looked down to my phone with my hair covering my whole face , then syazwan moved my hair and said macam rambut pontianak. The pontianak part was funny but the part he pulling my hair up is just plain sweet <3 And the we just talk , no awkward silence , it just made me feel calm inside as if the whole world is mine with him beside me <3

Then Mama called and asked if papa fetch me ady or not so I just talked to her and bla bla bla , then I sat back , I don't know how , but we sat so close , AWWWHHH <3 From that morning I saw a ring at syazwan's hand so I took his hand and asked ape benda la awak pkai nii ? I removed it from his hand and wore it , it was really big for me , my thumb fits it la. Then I wore it and said saya nak bawak balik ah cincin nii , then he took my watch and said saya pun nak bawak balik ah jam awak nii , so like I took something of his and he took something of mine. 


Then he wanted to see my camera and he looked at my dumb pictures I tried to take it back but he just won't let me T.T Bad syazwan XD At the end of the day nothing bad actually happen I became the happiest girl ever , when I wanted to go home he said Iloveyou infront of me , I melted xD HAHA , dumb me :D

Details :
1.I was walking in the sun and he tukar place with me just cause he knows that I don't like the sun.
2.I took his ring home and he took my watch
3.His writing is really small and tidy 
4.His ustazah loves him
5.His friends are awesome
6.His brother is kind.
7. His a little bit taller than me 
8.He think he's fat eventhough he is really thin -,-
9.People keep saying ehem ehem to us xD

I think that's all. Kbyeeeeeeeeee

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