Saturday, July 9, 2011

Everything I do , I do it big B)

Good Morning <333333
Finally , I update my damn blog , I'm so sorry , kayh readers ?
Well , my english is getting worst , maybe cause I don't practice it lately . DAMN.
Muhammad Syazwan is at Teluk Chempedak for his friend's birthday party , he did ask me to tag along but my mom said NO. Sokay , we stil have 24.7.2011 B <3
I send a text at 8:18 , now is 8:48 and he still hasn't reply , sokay , I know he's busy , I don't mind :)

So , let me tell you about the 3rd week of July , so many things are gonna happend :D 19.7.2011 , is Syazwan's birthday , sooooo , ya' know , presents and such , we are officially gonna have our first date on 24th the sunday of that week , teee heee , and 24 is also our 1 month anniversarry , so it's gonna be awesome :D I HOPE *crossing fingers.
Shamin , Patricia and alysha will be tagging along , also ezran and haziq syawan's friends.

School ? It's crazy , books , friends and all such , damn I love my life :D

Cause I wrong in all the right ways , thank you , bye <3333

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