Saturday, October 29, 2011


I'm beautiful in a way cause God is great :')
Hello and Assalamualaikum C: My name is Maisarah Binti Mahmud aged 13 . HAHAHAHA I don't know why the Hell am I telling you all this -.- Kaay , I'm bored but not lonely :)

I txting my 2 beloved people Encik Syazwan and Cik Adriana  ♥   Watching Masterchef Malaysia with Papa and lastly tweeting :D 
I really really really hope Nabila can come tomorrow :( Hope she pushes her dad . HARD . Cause I pity Adriana :( HAHA k Idk why am I calling her full name xD

Actually , tomorrow I'll be going to town with Syazwan , Nabila (maybe) , Adriana , Syahir and that one other guy that I don't know what is his name -.-  I WANNA SEE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 . BUT WHY IS FREAKIN KUANTAN DUMB ENOUGH TO NOT HAVE IT IN THE MOVIES :(

Kay bye , I have nothing else to say . byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  

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