Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30.10.11 :')

Assalamualaikum and A very good morning to my fellow readers and fellow haters who read this blog just to make fun of it :) 
I'm gonna tell you a story about me . Having a fantastic time on 30th October 2011.
So , I woke up at 6:45 a.m and had my mengaji class then at 8:30 went for breakfast and came back home at about 11 . Then I quickly rushed and took a bath and bla bla bla . Then 11:30 in the morning went out again and went to the bank . At exactly 12 o'clock I arrived at Ecm ~ How awesome was my morning eh ? ;) 

I waited Syazwan at starbucks and about 2 minutes later he showed up with Syahir , Kak Eryn and Ezran then we all went up to the cinema . Wanted to buy tickets but they didn't know what show to see. So , last last we sat at The food court and borak borak -.- HAHA.
At 12:30 Syazwan teman me go to Padini cause nabila was there , so kitaorang pergi lah kan :) Then I we waited for Ana and she came then I left Syazwan and went with nabila and ana :p Relax , we meet at the cinema jugak lepas tuuu :pp Then Syazwan and I bought the movie tickets for me , him , nabila and ana :) Then when we were lining up to buy the tickets , Kak Eryn called and asked to buy the tickets sekali , Syazwan said tak la kitaorang tengok movie lain . Then she hanged up -.- Then me and nabila and ana went to eat Sushi cause everybody didn't have their breakfast yet . Half way through eating Syazwan and Syahir came . Ana didn't want to see Ezran so he didn't come la , why ? Cause Ana was scared of Ezran xD HAHA . Lepas tu after I finished eating I paid then went up to the food court cause all of Syazwan's "Kakak Angkat" wanted to see me . Ya Allah sumpah malu giler :p Then dengan takada kerelaan hati , pergi la jumpa... I really didn't know what to say so I smiled and went to sit with Syazwan x)  Pastu Syazwan nak makan waffer so kita beratur lah beli . Masa tengah tunggu tu 1 waffer dah siap , so dengan penuh tak sabarnya Syazwan makan sebab dia dah lapar sangat :p He ate and asked me 'Awak nak sikit ?' I said 'Eh , taknak la' He said 'Makan laaa sedaaap' then he fed me the waffer . AWWHHH <3 Begitu cair hatiku ini~ K takle bla ayat xD Then Nabila and Ana showed up and  Ana wanted to play Kill the Zombie at the Arcade , so after paying and all that we went and play ! YAY ! I won ~ weeeeeeeee :D HAHA then Nabila and Ana played . I turn around looking for Syazwan and to my suprise , tiba tiba ada Azrin :O HAHA Idk what was he doing there , so I came to him and said HI :) Then ran to ana and nabila saying WEYH ADA AZRIN WEYH ! Then they looked and they continued playing -.- HAHA 

Pastu dah siap semua main . NO I'M NOT GONNA TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT HAPPENDED WITH THE CAR RACE THING. We went for the movie :3 Cinema 8 at 2:28pm. In the Cinema I sat beside Syazwan and Nabila :) Syazwan hold my hand to tightly <3 :') Then I put his arm around my neck cause it was getting really cooled. Sumpah best ;) The whole movie we were siiting like that then ana sound -.- Dia kata 'Ni bukan cerita hantu mai :p' HAHA babi ana -.- Pastu dah siap tengok wayang kitaorang bla and we went to the toilet HAHA masa nak masuk toilet tu ada Abang tu said 'HI HI HI HI" -.- HAHAHAHA dah la tak handsome -.- :pp Pastu kitaorang Karaoke :D But so sad masa tu ana kena balik dah cause her mother asked her to go back :'( Kita pun karaoke lah . Dalam bilik karaoke tu :OO HAHAHA nabila sang her heart out. Syahir dengan Ezran main golekgolek atas kerusi tu . FYI THEY ARE NOT GAY , THEY ARE JUST LIKE IMMATURE -.- I sang everything , nabila's voice sebernanya tak boleh dengar sangat so everytime she sang Ezran and Syahir would say 'SHHHH !!!!" HAHAHA xD I sat on Syazwan's lap and then I said in between his legs . SAT EH DUDUK JE. Then he.. K taknak ceritaaa :ppppp Pastu tinggal a few minutes Ezran and Syahir throw the mic and bla macam tu je -.- HAHA stupid people -.- Then nabila took her beg and went out too . Then I waited for Syazwan to kemas everything , and guess what ? Something magical happend ;) Boy thank you :* OHH I FORGOT TO SAY , Syazwan bought me perfume :') It smell's really nice and I really like it :D

Then we send Nabila to her mom , then we all went to see my mom at Wah Chan . From there me and my mom and Qaseh went to eat at the noodle station . Then Syazwan and his friends showed up ;) HEHE . They sat at a table near us . Then mama ajak Syazwan makan sama meja with us :') HEEEEEEE :D

I was an awesome day . Thank you to everyone who made it happend , muuaaah :*

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