Thursday, November 3, 2011

We all try our best to hide our tears and fake a nice smile ;')

Assalamualaikum sayaaaannngggsss :**
Naaak introduce nii :3 The two people in the world who I will always love :*

The first beauty is Adriana Binti Noh while the other cutie is Nur Nabila <3
Both are the most awesome people I know in this world :) They help me when I'm in a situation . They make me laugh till I roll on the floor , they make me smile . We sing , we dance , we gossip , we act like fools and yet the day ends perfectly everyday :*
HAHA anaaaa , me and lala love you sebab tu kita orang plan buat suprise date tuu , so jangan lah marah laling :)
Kbyeeeeeeeee <333333

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