Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cause without them I'm nothing :')

 Hello and Assalamualaikum :3
<---- Nur Nabila and Adriana Noh , awwwhhh <3 IHEARTYOUGUSYSOMUCH 
 So , this was all taken on our Jamuan Kelas ;) It's was a hell of a fun day , except after the recess cause , nabila got a prob :( 

 Nabila ,
              I'm sorry for not being with you on that day when you were at your worst . I got caught up with all the fun downstairs that I forgot about you . I'm really really really sorry awek cun :*

HEHE , that's Adriana or short for Ana . Cehh comel lettew ? HAHA memang comel giler puun ;) I love you Ana :* Thanks for making me laugh every single day since I met you :D
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHA k , that is just cute , Nabila is adorable :***  

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