Monday, December 5, 2011

No matter what , you'll be mine forever ♥

I never want you to be the one that got away sayanggg , I don't want to let you go that easily and know it was all my fault . I love you B , I'm sorry for all the mistakes I did . I hope I have your trust again , muah :*
Last night was T.T . I had a BIG fight with Syazwan on the Twitter Timeline -__- I wanted to talked about it at the Facebook chatbox , buuuut my mom closed the Wifi cause the thunder was really loud . OH and while we were fighting , suddenly the lights went out -___- I got seriously scared T.T Syazwan said even though we were in a fight , he was still there beside me , protecting me . Awwh awwwh thanks B :* 
Wanna know why we fought ? NAK KE ? K it's like this , there's this guy name Eman , he's A FRIEND who apparently likes me . K then one day I was at Ecm with Shaming , then Eman text me , he said 'Mai , awak kat mana ?' then I replied 'Saya kat Ecm dengan kawan saya ' Then he said 'K tunggu saya , nak jumpa awak jap , awak kat mana ? ' Then I said 'Jumpa ? :O Nak buat ape ? :O Saya ada kat Food Court' Then we met . As we walked , we say some of Syazwan's friends . And Syazwan's friends told him that they saw me out with some other guys . That night Syazwan asked me , I said 'NO , tu kawan kawan tarian Shamin lah '
And he actually believed me . K I KNOW IT IS VERY WRONG TO LIE TO YOUR BOYFRIEND . So , I thought everything ended there . Guess what ? I was WRONG -.- The day that I met Eman , he gave me his watch , then the other day , Eman chat with me he asked about the watch and when can he get it back all that . I was really stupid , I forgot to delete the chatbox and Syazwan read it . He has my password after all . Then that night , he asked me what shit is this !? Why the hell did you lie all this while ?! Then I was like 'K efffff -_- I'm screwed' . Then we GOT INTO A BIIGGGGGG FIGHT . Then thanks to Shaming , myself and him , we settled it . Thank God everything was okay . SO this Wednesday , Syazwan is gonna throw the watch at Eman's face (Y) yeeaahh baby x) Thank god everything was okay , if not I don't wanna go out this Wednesday cause it would just not be fun to see your boyfriend when your in a fight right ?

B , thanks for trusting me again , I don't know what would I do without you , I love you muah :*

K so that was it ~~ 
Can't wait till Wednesday ! HAHA k byebye 

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