Sunday, November 27, 2011

Take my hand , never let it go :')

Assalamualaikum and A good morning , it's 12:43 here in Malaysia :) 
Having our end year holidays here , urgh can it be more boring ? K so here I am writing my annoying blog . It's been like 2 weeks of school holidays and it sucks. FML . I reeeaaaalllyyy misss myyy boyfriieennddd :* Since the school holidays I only got to see him once . ONCE I SAY ONCE . Why ? Cause my mom won't let me go out of the house -.- ugh . 

K so today :) 
Had a great time with Syazwan even though only for like 2 hours ? k , time flies when your look at his face k . He has that innocent cute amazing smile that can make anyone in this world melt . HAHA k . BACK OFF BITCHES . So like 5:20p.m arrived at TC with my awesome mom and Qaseh that little brat . K . I caught him walking to me in a Grey Shirt , Blue jeans and A purple cap . Grrrr :3  
OH AND , we bought the same kind of shirt . 100% the same :3 HEHE be jelly ~ 
K back to the story . I gave him that shirt and he 'salam' my mom . K typical Malay things :) K that smile you get when you finally see your boyfriend after like 2 weeks . K I MISS HIM K . Then we just walked around TC , Qaseh played at the playground with my mom while I seat nearby with Syazwan . HAHA so this is the damn fact , I'M SERIOUSLY REALLY SCARED OF MONKEYS . Then my Syazwan said , 'Awaaaak jom lah tengok monyet comel tuuu' and I said 'NO NO NO , saya takut monyet k .' Then he keep on asking me to go , but since my mom was there he couldn't drag me to the monkey . Thankks mom :* HAHA then we were both talking along greatly then I turned and saw my mom was GONE :O HAHA me and Syazwan thought maybe she was at the beach ? So we went to the Beach . HAHA it was romantic ~ YOU JELLY ? STAY JELLY . Then since we couldn't fine my mom we sat down and well had a 2way honest no secret talk . As the wind blow through my hair , I keep on fixing it then Syazwan said 'Biar je lah , sexy k ' HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH x) LOLOLOLOLOL sabar je lah . Believe it or not , EVERYONE LOOKED AT US . EVERYONE . HAHA Syazwan said maybe it's because we are under aged :3 Then I was soooo hungry that I called my mom and we met at McD . So , my mom was walking infront and me and Syazwan was at the back . HE SO BRAVE . he went and hugged my hips -.- Syazwan cuba awak bayangkan mama nampak . World War 3 lah jadinya ~ 
After that we bought fooooood :D K forgot the say , ada Ezran and Tera sekali :) EZRAN TU KECOH AH -.- HAHAHAHAHA jkjk chill ana chill :3 After buying all the food , kita makan lah kan takkan nak buang lak -.- HAHA . We sat on a square same angle table . CEHH x) then 4 sides for Me , Syazwan , My mom and Qaseh . I sat beside Syazwan and Qaseh :)  HAHAHAHAHAHA they way he eats his McChicken x) HAHAHAHA dia letak fries dalam tu then makaaaang :3 RAWR ! So , after eating and all that we just chilled there . BERANI BUDAK TU PEGANG TANGAN SAYA BAWAH MEJA -_- HAHA k so it was going home time :'((((( According to my heart I never want to leave his side . Serious :') But  we're not married yet so that is impossible . FOR NOW ;D Pastu , balik lah ? HAHAHAHA k sorry for the fight B , Iloveyoulikecrazzzzzyyyy <3 

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